21 Simple Food Hacks That Will Make You The Hero Of The Kitchen

If you're anything like us, you've watched the world burn. Not on purpose, mind you, but because you've become an expert in destroying city blocks while trying to bake a pan of brownies. Well, no more! Learn to cook like a competent member of the human race with these tips and tricks.


Chewy Cookies CRACKED.C COM If you want to cookies more chewy, the answer is ... surprisingly complicated. A lot of chemistry goes into baked goods. Getting the cookie just right will involve a lot of experimenting, such as substituting brown sugar for white and limiting the butter. But here's an easy

Source: Martha Stewart


Cut Cakes Better ULO When you cut a wedge out of a cake, the remaining cake goes stale quickly. Those spongy insides are great at sucking up moisture and every kind of odor, leaving the remaining cake rock-hard and tasting of unwashed freezer. To keep a cake good until

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Peeling Eggs CRACKED c COM Peeling a hardboiled egg by hand can make you feel like a scullery maid in 19th-century England. Here's how you can do it more Easily. Drop the egg into a container of cold water, then shake it vigorously for a few seconds. The shell falls right

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Better Burgers CRACKEDCO When making burger patties, use your thumb to dent the center. This will keep the patties flat and make them cook evenly. Keep the meat fully cold right until you fry it. If it gets too warm, the fat leaks out, sapping taste from the burger. Add

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Cooking Fish GRACKEDG According to Parks And Rec, if you under-cook fish, the penalty is jail. You will not even get a trial; you just go immediately to jail. Though it is difficult to confirm whether that is true, fish integrity remains an important issue for us all. To make

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Picking Watermelons CRACKED C To pick the perfect watermelon, look at the spot on the end. It's called the field spot, and it's less green than the rest of the melon. If it's yellow-green, that's good. If it's creamy yellow and big, that's even better. Also consider the shape. Elongated watermelons

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Sprinkling Seasoning When you season dishes, keep your hand a foot above the food. The seasoning will spread as it falls, like water going through a mister. This allows for more even coverage and reduces the need to stir the dish. Plus, it makes you look like a professional

Source: Cooks Illustrated


Egg Freshness FRESH A WEEK OLD STALE VERY OLD When it comes to eating eggs, don't rely on the best before date stamped on the carton. That date is some combination of when the store is legally banned from continuing to sell the eggs and when it just wants

Source: USDA


Swirling Wine Swirling wine around in the glass may seem just a way of looking fancy, which is why the process ideally involves wearing a top hat. But aficionados know that swirling makes the wine taste better by aerating it. In the long term, this can do terrible things

Source: Wall Street Journal


Pasta Water CRACKED.COMT The cloudy water after you boil pasta may look like slurry that you'll want to pour right down the sink, but it has a use. Save a bit and add it to the sauce. Water absorbs more flavor when it's starchy, and it sticks to the pasta

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Perfect Waffles CRACKED COM Thanks to the waffle iron, making waffles isn't that hard (compared to, say, making waffles without an iron). But you still stand a good chance of messing the thing up by having the whole waffle fall apart. To make waffles that don't stick to the iron

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Deep Frying CRACKED COM While deep-frying, don't just drop your food into the oil. This sends it straight to the bottom, where the batter might cause it to stick. Instead. hold each piece beneath the surface for a few seconds, just long enough for a crust to form. This keeps

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Picking Pineapples CRACKED You can determine whether a pineapple is ripe by smelling it. It's ripe and ready to be consumed if the bottom has a sweet smell. If it doesn't smell at all, it's not ripe. If it smells sour, it's too ripe, and you should throw it out.

Source: Chicago Tribune


Soda Cake If you make cake using a mix, they'll ask you to throw in a bunch of raw ingredients on top of whatever's in the packet. Usually you've got to add butter, egg, and oil. Don't add any of that. Instead use soda. No, not baking soda-Coke, or

Source: Good Housekeeping


French Frying The French fry is a marvel of engineering compared to, say, a baked potato. You can't just fry it; you need the inside totally cooked without the outside getting too brown. Your attempts will generally leave the fry crunchy but still raw, or soft all the way

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Starting The Grill CRACKEDO Having issues starting a grill? Maybe wait a bit before dumping on pure ether engine starter. Instead, soak a few paper towels in cooking oil, cover them with charcoal, and light those, then let them burn. Not only will your grill start fast, but your meat

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Peel Potatoes CRACKEDCOMT Potatoes have peels, and kitchen drawers have potato peelers, SO you can slowly strip a potato bare, stroke by stroke. Now, peeling a raw potato might be a great way to pass the time if you're a cabin boy aboard a pirate ship, but there's no need

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


Shred Easily GRACKEDcO Shredding chicken isn't something you' ever give much thought to, until the day you have to do it. Then you'll realize that reducing whole breasts into individual fibers of muscle is really hard to do with a knife or fork, and you'll feel guilty for taking every

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cut Meat Right CRACKED Meat consists of long, thin muscle fibers, and the meat's grain refers to the pattern of these fibers. When you're cutting steak on your plate, you probably cut along the grain, which means you cut parallel to the fibers, because it's easy to do it that

Source: Men's Health


Resurrect Veggies CRACKEDCO If your broccoli florets go limp, put them in ice water to chill for an hour. They'll crisp up again. This works for other vegetables too, like carrots and celery. This may surprise you if you think of them as food items, which can generally be depended

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Easy Caramel CRACKEDCOMT Caramel comesfrom sugar, and making a caramel sauce from scratch is hard. You need to put butter, sugar, cream, and other ingredients together over a hot stove, and you have to whisk it all manually while timing things carefully SO it doesn't burn. Or you can try

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