The 13 Greatest Modern-Day Actors to Never Taste Oscar Gold

If you’re a global superstar or a comedy icon, you need not apply for the Academy Awards. Here are 13 massive stars who have never tasted Oscar victory.


TOM CRUISE should have had Oscar at Hello ORACKEDCON You could make the argument that Cruise should have won all three times he's been nominated for Oscar gold: Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire, and Magnolia. Should have won for: Magnolia



EDDIE MURPHY backed out as Oscar host in 2011 Did it hurt Murphy's future Oscar chances? It was a career mistake, says one Academy member. What the hell was he thinking? Not hosting is still a better move than what James Franco did. Should have won for: Dreamgirls

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GLENN CLOSE is nominated for the eighth freaking time This year, Close is nominated for both an Oscar and a Razzie for Hillbilly Elegy, so there's that. Close and Peter O'Toole are tied for most Oscar noms without a win. Should have won for: The Wife

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SAMUEL L JACKSON is still waiting for his m thorf&%ing Oscar Number of acting credits? 182. Number of Oscar nominations? One. Somebody needs to correct this injustice pronto. Should have won for: Pulp Fiction



MICHAEL KEATON was iconic as Beetlejuics nd Batman Though Keaton won the Globe for Birdman, an Academy voter warned him: When it comes to winning an Academy Award, illness always wins. Cue Eddie Redmayne winning for playing Stephen Hawking. Should have won for: Birdman

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WILL SMITH is oh-for-two at the Oscars CRACKED.COM Smith says it was all-white acting nominees, not his snub for Concussion, that was behind his 2016 Oscars boycott. The #Oscarssowhite protests led to more Academy diversity. Should have won for: Ali

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SALMA HAYEK is one of four Latinas nominated for Oscar She's been nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and a SAG Award. But she's got zero wins to show for it. Should have won for: Frida

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JOHNNY DEPP doesn't want to win one of those things The idea of winning means that you're in competition with someone and I'm not in competition with anybody, he says. A nomination is plenty. (He has three.) Should have won for: Pirates of the Caribbean

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BILL MURRAY wasn't even nominat: for Groundhog Day At least Murray had the common decency to look pissed off when he lost the Best Actor Oscar to Sean Penn in 2003. You was robbed, BIl! Should have won for: Lost in Translation



MICHELLE WILLIAMS has had four cracks at Oscar Williams got a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Manchester by the Sea, but like you, she still hasn't seen it. Should have won for: Brokeback Mountain

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HARRISON FORD has made five billion at the box office CRACKED COM Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Rick Deckard, The Fugutive. Yeah, this guy is doing OK despite the lack of awards on the mantle. Should have won for: Witness



JIM CARREY has never been nominated There's a lot of monkey business that goes on around awards. Cit's a] gigantic clusterf*ck.. if you don't show up to a certain dinner, you screw your chances. Alrighty then. Should have won for: Man on the Moon



AMY ADAMS has six Oscar nominations under her belt With six nominations and zero wins, Adams is due. Are we crazy for thinking she should have had a seventh for Enchanted? Should have won for: American Hustle

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