20 Hot As Hell Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'Aliens'

No one thought the original Alien would be a hit on the big screen. No one thought it even possible to follow the ‘Oh People Actually Love It’ sci-fi horror with a worthy sequel. But here we are, more than three decades later and still adoring the first two instalments of a franchise that almost never happened. Not bad…for the stuff of nightmares. Check out these behind-the-scenes facts about Aliens, share your favorite quotes in the comments, and tell us about the time you first heard Bill Paxton's Pvt. Hudson say, “Game over, man!” 


Aliens (1986) The Terminator script was responsible for James Cameron coming on board. While searching for a writer to do the sequel, development executive Larry Wilson came across Cameron's script, and couldn't put it down. It was electrifying. I put the script on David's (Giler) desk and said, 'This is

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Aliens (1986) The Alien Queen was originally going to be stop motion. Due to time constraints, they had to build the biggest marionette in motion picture history using rod puppets, hydraulics, radio controls, and wires. Miniatures of the queen and Ripley in the Power Loader were also used during the

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Aliens (1986) Bishop was almost scarier than the Alien. Actor Lance Henriksen, who played Bishop, explained: I thought maybe when Bishop got alerted to something, two pupils would appear in his eyes, and I had some contact lenses made up. When Jim saw the dailies he said, 'Jesus, we can't

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Aliens (1986) The Alien Queen was based on one of James Cameron's paintings. The director says he took inspiration from H.R. Giger's work. I took the biomechanoid concept, which was very phallic in the creature created for Alien, and turned it around and tried to make it female. So, I



Aliens (1986) Actor William Hope got a lot of flak for playing Lieutenant Gorman. A friend of mine did two tours in Vietnam, and he was furious. He saw the movie and said, You call yourself a fuckin' Marine?!' But my passion is acting. I couldn't care less about that

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Aliens (1986) Artist and designer Rob Cobb wanted the colony to resemble the scientific bases in Antarctica. Cobb explained that the open and exposed spread of Hadley's Hope didn't really make sense given the weather on the exomoon, but they decided to choose aesthetics over detailed accuracy.

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Aliens (1986) Ricco Ross, who played Private Frost, had to choose between Aliens and Full Metal Jacket. Initially, Ross was going to do Full Metal Jacket, but the schedule would overlap Aliens with a week, and Kubrick was notorious for going over schedule. James Cameron let Ross read the script

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Aliens (1986) James Remar was initially cast as Corporal Dwayne Hicks. At the time, Remar said he had to leave the film due to family matters, but in later years he revealed that he was actually struggling with a drug addiction. He was fired from the movie after being busted



Aliens (1986) Before James Remar was fired, he accidentally blew a hole in the set of Little Shop of Horrors.. The Frank Oz production was filming on a stage adjacent to the Aliens set, and while practicing with a shotgun, Remar caused a bit of damage. CRAGKEDCOM

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Aliens 71986) The Sulaco ship was originally shaped like a sphere with antennas. ENA The problem was that it had to move past the camera, and the huge sphere wouldn't have worked with the film's aspect ratio, so designer Syd Mead ended up making it a flatter, slab-like shape.



Aliens (1986) James Cameron didn't care for his English crew's tea trolley tradition. Twice daily, an old lady would bring the crew their ion-mandated tea on set. Cameron saw it as losing time, and would: simply grab a camera and go film something on his own, much to the annoyance

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Aliens (1986) Colette Hiller, who played Corporal Ferro, was not happy about having to cut her hair. They told me, 'It's okay, look at Jenette!' and I just bawled... I was going to oget married shortly afterwards SO I made them buy me a long, blonde wig! I don't know

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Aliens (1986) Al Matthews, who played Sergeant Apone, helped train the Colony Marines on set. Matthews was a real Vietnam vet with 13 combat awards, making him in charge of training the British and American actors who formed the Marines. The main thing I had to teach sthose guys was

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Aliens (1986) Actor Trevor Steedman turned up for work a day after donating bone marrow to help fight his brother's leukemia. The actor and stuntman's character, Private Wierzbowski, has an entire cult following. Many, including Steedman himself, believed that Wierzbowski wasn't killed and is actually still alive in the Alien

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Aliens (1986) James Cameron tried to scare Newt actress Carrie Henn on set, but couldn't. Henn said that she always knew when it was a fake effect or a rubber chicken or whatever he tried to use to give her a fright, but it was only when she actually saw

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Aliens (1986) The studio didn't believe that Gale Anne Hurd was a real producer. Even though she had worked as a producer (and had also produced The Terminator), Hurd had to ask her industry connections to call Fox and vouch for her.



Aliens (1986) James Cameron used the science of the digger wasp to create the Alien Queen. During reproduction, the digger wasp: lays its eggs in a paralyzed host that gets eaten alive after the eggs hatch.



Aliens (1986) There was almost a mutiny on set. Cameron's assistant director, Derek Cracknell, seemed to think he could' do a better directing job than Cameron (who many weren't taking seriously at the time). Cameron would ask him to do a shot, Cracknell would undermine him and do it differently,



Aliens (1986) James Cameron and his then-wife and collaborator Gale Anne Hurd fought to have Sigourney Weaver star in the sequel. Fox studio was reluctant to insist on Weaver returning for the sequel because it could've caused her agent to inflate the.asking price. D Cameroni and Hurd quit, and only



Aliens (1986) James Cameron did the 'voice of the Alien Queen. Cameron- who loves to be involved in every aspect of filmmaking- recorded most of the sounds in the movie in his living room at home. The breathing, hissing, and shrieking of the queen was all him.