16 Authors Who Came To Resent Their Own Work

They say that if you're not embarrassed by your writing after a couple of years, you're not evolving as a writer. And not even the author of Winnie-the-goddam-Pooh is exempt.


Stephen King RAGE King published this school shooter how-to under a pseudonym... almost as if he knew it was a dangerous book. It started popping up in the possession of multiple school shooters, to the point that the FBI started interviewing King. He advocated for its banning, likening it

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Harper Lee TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD A NOVE Lee's editor, Tay Hohoff, was a relentless taskmaster. It took such a toll on Lee that, at one point, she straight-up snapped, and hucked her entire manuscript out a window into a snowbank.

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle SHERLOCK HOLMES SP CRACKEDCO Sir Doyle was essentially miffed that Holmes had become more famous than his creator. He was such a petty, vindictive god that he killed off his most prolific, popular creation.

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lan Fleming THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Ae Spy who loved he CRACKEDOOM In an experiment obviously gone very much awry, Fleming wrote this entry in the Bond-iverse from a female perspective, specifically to shine a light on the misogyny of everyone's favorite horny spy. Hollywood said thanks, we're gonna

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Peter Benchley JAWS JAWS BENCHLEY CRACKED COM After the film Jaws became wildly successful, Benchley felt major guilt over his role in whipping up 'sharkphobia, and became a vocal advocate for great white shark preservation.

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Alan Moore ALL OF HIS DC STUFF CRACKED.COM DC has been yanking Moore's chain for decades. They first swindled him by promising to give him the rights to his creations, just as soon they stopped printing them and then refused to stop printing. He eventually requested to have his name

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Stanislaw Lem THE ASTRONAUTS Stanistaw Lem ASTRONAUCI CRACKED COM Lem came to regret this Soviet propaganda from early in his career: I must have resembled a sponge that sucked in postulates proposed by socialism. Today I am a bit disgusted by this book.

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Anthony Burgess A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Yarbles. belhy reat 4OLOR 6e thne Iine CRACKED C Calling it a novel I am prepared to repudiate, Burgess was bummed that this one work not only overshadowed the rest of his career, but was bastardized in the film adaptation to glorify sex and violence.

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Jeanette Winterson BOATING FOR BEGINNERS bentiesg fer begones CRACKED COM Known for writing about gender and sexual identity conventions, Winterson took a big swing early in her career and wrote this bonkers novel about a guy who invents god. Why'd she write it? I was 24. I needed money.

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A. A. Milne WINNIE-THE-POOH 5AMERE CRACKEDOOM Milne was a prolific writer, having blasted out tons of novels and screenplays over his career. He became frustrated that his kids' books about a fat naked bear would be his legacy. Even worse, his son, Christopher freaking Robin, resented his own fame.

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Kurt Vonnegut HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUNE WANDA ATA Vonnegut carved out a portion of his book Palm Sunday to grade his previous works. He didn't fail himself, but did give a D grade to Wanda June and Slapstick.

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Franz Kafka THE METAMORPHOSIS KWV CRACKED COM This guy was constantly ragging on his own work, as immortalized in with friends (which he also wished we'd never read). He asked his pal Max Brod to burn everything he'd ever written once he died, which Brod very much did not do.

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Octavia Butler SURVIVOR CRAGKEDCO Butler called Survivor my Star Trek novel, saying it too resembled the lazy, pialism-friendly schlock of yore: Some humans go up to another world, and immediately begin mating with the aliens and having children with them.


Emily Dickinson PRETTY MUCH ALL OF IT DICL. BORA 11ECBSG IRACCA EY Dickinson left her sister, Lavinia, strict instructions to torch all of her work upon her death. Instead of granting her final wish, Lavinia more or less got the entire extended famiy involved in editing and ultimately publishing

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Vladimir Nabokov LOLITA 7a he A alls Tu /940 N Y pislil poret mell 32aea/'t AC Cal. 22 9 CA/'io c 6 Inekls SFosn Fule ewe poshne GRACKEDC Nabokov, rightly, was deeply embarrassed by his pedophilic roadtrip novel, and attempted to burn the manuscript. His wife noticed, and plucked his

Source: Great Artists Who Passionately Hated Their Most Famous Work


Virgil THE AENEID P. ViRGILIL.MARO NIS. AFNEIDOS s LIBERAPRIMVS, eop OEtE qutondans elimatilaeis 4e914 Csmet oflhis teecENE ODoT Vetttamiti Bure Titr coloso G 1211 deneelis Ant Cttid Iroe CRAGKED seowoss He reportedly asked his bros Varius and Tucca to destroy the manuscript upon his death, but Augustus Caesar wasn't about to