14 Fascinating Final Wishes And Wills Of Famous People

The rich and famous lead eccentric lives and some of this eccentricity even blends into death. The last will and testament of famous people have included some very fascinating clauses so that we can continue to appreciate them even posthumously. (Side note: Many famous people didn't leave wills, and their heirs had a lengthy and terrible process so here is a reminder to write a will now.) Here are the celebrities who did have the foresight to write a will and even include an interesting element in the process.


Comedian Jack Benny The entertainer arranged that his widow would be delivered a single stemmed rose every day for the rest of her life.

Source: Snopes


Thomas Jefferson In his will, Thomas Jeferson left James Madison his gold -mounted walking staff of animal horn as a token of their friendship.

Source: Monticello


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Source: TIME


Alexander McQueen CRACKED CON The fashion designer left 50,000 for the care of his three dogs and donated f100,00 to both the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the Blue Cross Sick Animal Center.

Source: WNYC


Charles Dickens CRACKED COM Dickens was a very fashion-conscious man who instructed in his will that those who attend my funeral wear no scarf, cloak, black bow, long hat-band, or other such revolting absurdity.

Source: Smithsonian


David Bowie In his will, Bowie left $2 million and shares to his personal assistant as well $1 million to his daughter's former nanny. He specified he didn't want a funeral.

Source: Rolling Stone


Hugh Hefner Within his will, Hefner stipulated that his wife and children would be financially cut off if they became dependent on illegal drugs or alcohol, as determined by trustees.

Source: Independent


Frisbee Creator Ed Headrick CLASs CBAMPIONS WORLD RISBEF WORLD PLYING 165 Mueilb DISC Go Per his request, Headrick's ashes were molded into frisbees and given to his family and friends.

Source: The New York Times


Harry Houdini CRACKED COM Before he died, the magician and his wife created a secret way to communicate to test whether seances were real. After his death, his wife held unsuccessful seances for a decade.

Source: The Guardian


Motorhead's Lemmy Before he died, Lemmy expressed that he wanted his ashes to be put into bullets and given to close friends.

Source: NME


Janis Joplin CRACKED COM In her will, Joplin left 2.500 for a party after her death. Her roommate Lyndall Erb, who arranged the wake, said, It was not an event of mourning, it was an event of enjoying life.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock


Napoleon Bonaparte In his very detailed will, he requested that his hair be preserved and made into several bracelets with a little gold clasp for his friends and family.

Source: Napoleon.org 


William Shakespeare CRACKED COM Shakespeare left the bulk of his estate to his eldest daughter but left his second best bed to his wife. Sounds weird, but this was common practice for the time, with children receiving the best of the furniture.

Source: The National Archives


Marilyn Monroe CRACKED COM Marilyn Monroe left her estate to her acting coach, Lee Strasberg. She also left money for her psychoanalyst and a poet friend. She set up a trust to care for her mother, who spENT most of her life in mental institutions.

Source: NPR