15 Famous Artists With A Deep, Unshakeable Loathing For Their Own Work

Sometimes, it’s kind of hard to image how somebody can pour untold hours and immeasurable energy into something, release it to near-universal acclaim, and then deeply hate it for the rest of their days. Well, these 14 people did just that:


Apparently, John Lennon didn't like hearing his voice in songs. He'd want his voice disguised or distorted on tracks in all kinds of different ways, and the Beatles' chief audio engineer eventually came to the conclusion he just didn't like the sound of his voice.

Source: CheatSheet


Walt Disney intensely hated the Goofy cartoons. He thought they were just pointless strings of gags with no story or emotional engagement, and he only kept Goofy around because animators needed the work.

Source: The Mouse Castle


Robert Reed, AKA Mike Brady, thought The Brady Bunch was a waste of his talents. He was a Shakespearean actor, and thought TV as such was beneath him, and sitcoms were beneath TV.

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According to Stephen King, The Tommyknockers is an awful book. THE KNOCKERS A NOVEL He wrote it while he was addicted to cocaine and thinks that there's really a good book in here, underneath all the sort of spurious energy that cocaine provides, and I ought to go back.

Source: Rolling Stone


Vladimir Nabokov loathed Lolita. olita 50th ANNIVERSARY EDITION VLADIMIR NABOKOV As soon as he was done writing it, he gathered the index cards it was written on and set them on fire. His wife Vera saw that and rescued the cards, then nagged him to polish the manuscript and make

Source: Great Artists Who Passionately Hated Their Most Famous Work


Paul Newman thought his first Hollywood movie, The Silver Chalice, was beyond terrible. He called it the worst motion picture produced in the 1950s. CRACKED.COM

Source: Google Books


Frank Sinatra hated My Way. He always thought that song was self-serving and self-indulgent, his daughter Tina said, adding that it stuck and he couldn't get it off his shoe. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC


George Michael couldn't understand why people went crazy over Careless Whisper. He wrote it at 17, when he was bored on the bus, and said I'm still a bit puzzled why it's made such an impression on people. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Independent


Screenwriter Robert Towne put his dog's name on a movie instead of his own. The movie was Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, and Towne hated it so much that he credited it to his dog, P.H. Vazak. The dog got an Oscar nomination.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Michelangelo wrote a poem about how much he hated painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The work was physically crushing, and he describes it in his 1509 poem with lines like My haunches are grinding into my guts, my poor ass strains to work as a counterweight, every gesture

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Celine Dion wasn't at all into My Heart Will Go On. hling DION MY HEART WILL GO ON (LOVE THEME FROM TITANICS When F recorded it, I didn't think about a movie; I didn't think about radio, she said. I thought, 'Sing the song, then get the heck out of

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Charles Schulz loathed the name Peanuts. PEANUTS by Schue United Feature Syndicate, his syndication service, made him use it, but he avoided it whenever he could and would just say I draw that comic strip with Snoopy in it, Charlie Brown and his dog.

Source: The Atlantic


Eric Clapton can't stand his own singing voice. I hate my singing. I don't like the way I sing. It all sounds like I'm 16 years old from Surbiton. CRACKED.COM

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