13 Scintillating Now-You-Know Facts About Movies, Science, And More

Even by Marlon Brando standards, introducing yourself to someone by quoting their movie line back at them is next-level creepy. Here’s the full story, plus 12 others:


John Krasinski asked to wear a wig for part of Season 3 of The Office. At the meeting where he pitched the idea, execs told him no, because it would be too obvious - So Krasinski took off the wig he was wearing and put it on the table. They changed

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At one point, they wanted Mike Judge to do the American version of The Office. They sent him the British version, along with some of its reviews, one of which said The Office succeeds where movies like Office Space failed and, apparently, that's part of why he passed. NOW YOU

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Michelangelo's David has a clear sign of heart disease. It's a bulging vein on the right side of his neck- AKA jugular venous distension. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

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Diamonds very, very slowly turn into graphite (which pencils are made of). That's because the carbon atoms gradually settle into a lower-energy state - i.e. graphite. That happens on a time-scale of billions of years, So, for all intents and purposes, diamonds really are forever. NOW YOU KNOW

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All-new digital musical instruments were created for Avatar's score Composer James Horner programmed new instrument sounds, and mashed up a ton of existing ones from various parts of the world to get really alien sounds. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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The Enterprise in The Next Generation had dolphin and whale crewmembers. -CETACEAN NAVIGATION LAB -CETACEAN LIFEBOAT (1 OF 4) WET/DRY ACCESS LOCK CETACEAN OPS According to a 1991 technical manual, there's a Cetacean Navigation Lab with 12 bottlenose dolphins and two whales who act as supervisors. This is never shown

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Microsoft Excel is messing up the science of genetics. By default, Excel converts gene names into dates and floating-point numbers. As a result, about 20% of scientific papers that feature lists of genes in Excel format have screwed-up gene names. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

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Thanks to a missing comma, 120 Maine dairy drivers got $5 million. DAIRY The natural goodneo 202 oakhust DAA FLHO The absence of a comma in a state law made it pretty unclear if the drivers can get overtime pay, and the judge presiding in their case said the ambiguity

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In 1999, the United States' 22nd most successful money manager was a chimp. She picked stocks by throwing darts at a list of 133 companies, which gave her a 213% return. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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The Treaty of Versailles took away Bayer's trademarks on Aspirin and Heroin. That applied in the U.S., UK, and France. Bayer is a German company, and this was one of the consequences of Germany's defeat. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

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Marlon Brando introduced himself to Samuel L. Jackson by quoting the Pulp Fiction Ezekiel speech. Brando then gave him his number, and when Jackson called, he was told he got a Chinese restaurant. So he asked for Brando, and got him -. it turned out that was Brando's way of filtering

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Cosplay became a thing in 1939. Sci-fi fan Myrtle Douglas and her husband wore costumes from the 1936 H.G. Wells movie Things to Come to the World Science Fiction Convention that year, and costume contests became an annual tradition at that convention after that. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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101 pages were cut from Dracula before it was published. Jvun Bram DRACULA They were taken from the start of the novel, and a bunch of other changes were made, including to what happened to Dracula and his castle. Those missing 101 pages still haven't been found -. we just have

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