14 Nick Cartoons You Forgot Were Weird As Hell

From the get-go, Nickelodeon cartoons were funkier and scratchier than the sleepy Saturday morning version. See 14 examples that prove Nicktoons were profoundly strange.


CATDOG is/ are ross-species siblings LAT UE CRACKED COM The sheer physiology of these conjoined twins makes CatDog one of the weirdest Nicktoons ever. Like, how do they poop? And why do they spend sO much time inside each other's mouths?



THE ANGRY BEAVERS confronted mortality CRACKEDCO The scripted (but unaired) final episode would have shown the Beavers becoming aware that they were mere cartoons on the brink of cancellation. In TV terms, they realized they were about to die.



YAKKITY YAK was best friends with an anthropomorphic pineapple GRAGKED COM To be clear, Keo was actually a human with a pineapple for a head. His dad was a straight-up pineapple, sO do the math if you want to figure out where KeO came from.



ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE wasn't shy about masturbation CHICKEN HIP CHOKEY Rocko and the gang hung out at Chokey Chicken, a not-so- subtle euphemism for self love. Someone at Nick caught the joke during season 4, and the joint quietly changed its name to Chewy Chicken.



ROCKET POWER lacked parental supervision OCRACKED.COM The Rocket boys are living the life, nothing but extreme sports 24-7. That's possible in part because their mom is dead and their dad is chatting up half the ladies in Ocean Shores.



DANNY PHANTOM pretty much dies during the theme song FuU The upbeat hip-hop open might make you overlook the fact that Danny suffers a painful lab accident and becomes part-ghost. How's that for cartoon trauma?

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PELSWICK preferred to be known as 'permanently seated' CRACKED COM Creator John Callahan was paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident. His dark, self-deprecating humor inspired Pelswick, the first kid show with a paraplegic lead character. (And a grouchy, funny one at that.)

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KABLAM! pioneered chuckimation GRAGKED COM KaBlam! showcased Action League Now!, featuring toy figures animated by chucking them around the frame. One of the main heroes was The Flesh, who was super-strong and super-naked.

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HEY ARNOLD sounded funny for a reason 33 CRACKEDCO The problem with kid actors is puberty. Once the voice changes, Arnold starts sounding like a grown-ass man. In all, five different actors voiced Arnold -. six if you count Arnold as a baby.



DOUG started as a fruit salesman Before he starred in one of Nickelodeon's first cartoons, Doug shilled in a commercial for Florida Grapefruit. He bounced on a pogostick to show that grapefruit juice puts a bounce in your step.

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MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT was ruined by Catwoman CRAGKED.COM XJ9 was a robot designed to defend Earth but all she wanted to do was live like a normal teenager. Enter Vexus, evil queen of a robot planet. The role was purr-fectly voiced by Batman's Eartha Kitt.

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AAAHH! REAL MONSTERS took place in a noirish dystopia NG Animator Gabor Csupo based the look of the monster academy's city dump on Brazil and Blade Runner. A movie version was shut down because it was considered too dark for children.

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AS TOLD BY GINGER was influenced by Welcome to the Dollhouse The Sundance winner was a coming-of-age dark comedy about an upopular outcast. It inspired Emily Kapnek to create a Nick version, with storylines about absent parents, depression, and unrequited love.

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CHALKZONE was not inspired by Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings Despite the similarities, creator Bill Burnett claims he had never heard of the series. CHe does admit to Harold and the Purple Crayon giving him an idea or two.)

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