15 Surprising Celebrity Achievements, Records, And Inventions

How do these people find the time to break world records? We can barely defend our heavyweight title belt and maintain our Las Vegas magic show residency.


Francis Ford Coppola patented a unique, but unecessary t-shirt. 15 20 26 You know that feeling when you have an unreachable itch on your back? And how hard it can be to describe its location to a potential back scratcher? Francis has the answer: a t-shirt with a big

Source: Google Patents


Bill Nye invented a highly specialized ballet shoe. Bill Nye (famously a ballet guy) added a a foot encirculating tubular sleeve to the classic pointe shoe in a surprising and gamechanging patent.

Source: Google Patents


James Cameron kind of invented a submarine. FU One of several patents he's registered over the course of his boundary-pushing career is the apparatus for propelling a user in an underwater environment used to film parts of The Abyss.

Source: Google Patents


Eminem is probably the fastest speaker ever. CRACKED.COM While we can't confirm there weren't more articulate cave people, Em rapped a record 1,560 words in 6 minutes in his 2013 song Rap God. At one point, he blurts 97 words in 15 seconds.

Source: Guinness


Snoop Dogg made the world's largest... cocktail. CRACKED COM While booze isn't his vice of choice, he mixed the massive paradise cocktail in 2018, and donated it to... VIPs at a Nappa Valley music fest. Cool.

Source: Guinness


Vanna White is the most prolific clapper in history. CRACKED COM Guinness clocked her at nearly 4 million claps over 32 seasons, with an average of 606 per show. That's approximately half a million Tinkerbells saved.

Source: Guinness


Tom Green was a pro skater. While he was technaically an honorary pro for Tony Hawk's Birdhouse Skateboards, he did tour with them, and evidently had some moves.

Source: Tony Hawk


Mark Twain invented the modern bra strap. CRACKED COM He was trying to eradicate suspenders from the face of the earth, but instead, his patented attachable and removable garment straps became the bra straps we wear and/or burn today.


The Rock made the world's largest layered dip. CERTIFICATE omt YNE nt In 2017, he filled a 100-gallon fish tank with 540 pounds of fixin's, and donated the snack-quarium to LA's Midnight Mission Homeless Shelter.

Source: Guinness


Zeppo Marx created an early FitBit. CRACKED.COM Perhaps the most underappreciated Marx brother, he left showbiz to become an engineer. He invented a wrist-worn heart monitor that would sound an alarm when the wearer was overexerting their heart.


The Rock also took the world's most selfies. He took 105 selfies in 3 minutes in 2015, but the record only held for 3 years. Some guy with a selfie stick on a cruise ship clocked 168 in 2018.

Source: Guinness


Hedy Lamarr is responsible for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. CRACKED COM The 1930's Hollywood staple also worked on torpedo guidance systems during WWII. She helped patent the Frequency Hopping method, which was the precursor to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Oh, and also... kept torpedos out of enemy hands, or whatever...


Frankie Muniz was a pretty good race car driver. AC TOYOTA ta54 TA ESTONE W TOYOT CRACKED COM Starting out driving the pace car at the Daytona 500 in 2001, he worked his way up the ranks of professional racing over the course of a decade. He was ultimately sidelined by

Source: First Episode / Last Episode: 15 Career Changes No One Saw Coming


Charles Fleischer would like to offer you an egg in these trying times. The voice of several characters in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? patented a toy... egg, specially designed for pulling, stretching, and bouncing.

Source: Google Patents


Penn Jillette invented a masturbation tank. 36 22 34 24 A B 20 26 25 3 23 ORACKEDe He patented a therapeutic tub for holding water and a user, in particular, a female user. This personal spa happened to have a bunch of water jets optimized for prime humpin'.

Source: Google Patents