14 True Facts That Sound Like Total Nonsense

Did you know that the average Frenchman is 5 feet, 10 inches tall? Your reaction to that should be, “No, but now that that you mention it, that sounds about right.” The following facts, however, sound totally unbelievable, no matter your knowledge of Frenchmen. Really, they sound like utter madness. 


Adding cold cream to hot coffee keEPS it warm longer. CRACKEDo Partly because the slightly cooler coffee now loses heat less quickly and partly because the denser liquid resists evaporation better.

Source: Modernist Cuisine 


Grand Central is more radioactiue 3 than a nuclear plant. CRACKED CO Because granite is naturally radioactive. That doesn't mean Grand Central is dangerous. It means a little radioactivity is no big deal.

Source: Wall Street Journal


five water balloons can stop a speeding bullet. Water is dense and offers a lot of resistance! The military are now researching special water-penetrating So4 ammunition.

Source: University of Melbourne


The biggest desert has most of the world's water. CRACKED COM It's Antarctica, which, though cold, HAS So little precipitation that it's a desert. 70 percent of Earth's fresh water is frozen as Antarctic ice.

Source: NASA


The Sun's atmosphere 3 extends past Earth. CRACKED COM Past Pluto, even. It's called the heliosphere, and while it doesn't contain air, scientists consider it an atmosphere, and it has its own weather.

Source: NASA


Tokyo and Canada haue roughly the same population. amort See of Jepan MIS Whitehorwe Japan yarsa. Yelloknite Honshu C utge MoooeN A N Hudson Dafie Kyoo Bavy Tokyo A D Edmonton Nnooe Caligary Osarkaton Reaina OWirnipee GRACKED Kwushu Because the population in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area has been declining in

Source: The Guardian


A tomato has 00 more genes than a human does. 4 2+8 LlE CRACKED COM Turns out that there's a lot more to what makes an organism complex than just the number of genes hgso in its genome.

Source: Houston Chronicle


A cloud 2 may float, but it weighs a million pounds. 4 +8 140 160 12 180 70 100 60 80 200 50 90 80 40 220 100 30 110. 60 240 20 120 10 in 130 260 D O 280 310 CRACKED A cloud might contain half a million

Source: USGS


A flea accelerates harder than a space shuttle. 4 +8 It doesn't cover a lot of distance in terms of meters, but a flea faces forces of 100 g's when it accelerates, while a shuttle gets 4 g's max.

Source: NY Times


A Mouse has as many bones in its neck as a giraffe. Both have seven neck vertebrae, as do humans and nearly all other mammals. The giraffe's just happen Mg to be a whole lot longer.

Source: Natural History Museum


Alaska is the most eastern state in the United States. 4 +8 Bering Sea Shemya Attu Dutch Harbor Near Islands Agattu' Islands Kiska Amchitka Adak CRACKEDo Parific Ocenn The farthest of the the Aleutian Islands in Alaska cross the 180th meridian of longitude. So, they're not ma super west. They're super

Source: The Atlantic


To know the Eiffel Tower's height, you 3 haue to know the date. CRACKED Thanks to summer heat, the steel expands So much halfway through the year that the tower gains more than hg half a foot in height.

Source: National Geographic


Some of the water you drink is older than the Sun. 4 2+8 CRACKED COM That's even though the Sun is older than the Earth. Some water predates the whole solar system, molecules unchanged for billions Of years.

Source: Scientific American


AlL the atoms that make up the human race can fit in a SUgAR cube. 4 CRACKED ..If you reduce each atom to its components, as each atom is mostly empty space. However, we still don't recommend this, as it is against the law.

Source: Department of Energy