13 B-List Celebrities Who Are Huge Overseas

Stamp those passports, mid-tier celebs!  Here are 13 stars who rose to new levels of fame in foreign lands.


SLY STALLONE is the Soviet Warhol RUSSIA CRACKEDcO The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg drew crowds with an exhibition, 'Sylvester Stallone. Painting. From 1975 Until Today.' His expressionistic style could be considered the visual equivalent of monosyllabic grunting.

Conde Nast Traveler


SPINAL TAP saw Sex Farm go to #5 JAPAN GRACKED.COM From Megadeth guitarists to 'Live at Budokan'-era Cheap Trick, rock artists have found new heights of popularity in Japan. Spinal Tap might still be broken up if it weren't for Sex Farm burning up the Tokyo charts.

Rolling Stone


MIRANDA COSGROVE has icrazy fans in Brazil BRAZIL CRACKED COM An iCarly fan account with thousands of followers was obsessed with bringing the iCarly cast to Brazil for a concert. The strategy (?): harassing celebs like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Kanye West to make it happen.



NIC CAGE is a spokesman for Chinese sedans CHINA CRACKED COM From Ghost Rider to National Treasure: Book of Secrets to The Croods, Cage is box office gold in China. No wonder he received the country's Best Global Actor in Motion Pictures award.

IB Times


CHUCK NORRIS'S tears cure communism ROMANIA CRACKED COM The documentary Chuck Norris Vs Communism illustrates the effect blackmarket Norris movies had in promising Romanians a better life. Who better to give the Iron Curtain a roundhouse kick to the face?

Romanian Spring


LIONEL RICHIE had the Middle East at 'Hello' IRAQ The music has found its way to the Middle East. It's enjoyed by the Shi'ites in Iran and it's popular in Libya, says the soulful crooner. Music lovers across the Arab world could listen to Richie All Night Long.



MORRISSEY has his own Mexican convention MEXICO Moz's mope-rock has struck a chord in Mexico, where Morrissey-themed karaoke nights and cover artists are actually a thing. There's something universal about misery ballads that unites us all.



JESSICA SIMPSON has a standing invite to Ukrainian film fests UKRAINE Movies like Blonde Ambition flopped in the States but topped the box office in Ukraine. Film Commissioner Alex Shpiluk explained: 'She is really the ideal of American beauty and style, like Barbie.

Dallas Observer


DAVID HASSELHOFF sang at the collapse of the Berlin Wall GERMANY There's no better way to endear yourself to reunited Germans than by crooning Looking for Freedom from a bucket crane fifty feet in the air. Thirty years later, the Hoff is still selling out Berlin concert halls.

Washington Post


GARTH BROOKS has the luck of the Irish IRELAND Working-class white people who like to throw back a beer or three? Is it really a surprise that Garth Brooks sells out his Dublin concerts in minutes? No matter where I am in the world, when I am asked what



KENNY ROGERS ruled Nashville and Nairobi KENYA CRACKEDcO Country music appeals to the same people in Kenya as it does here working-clas Joes just trying to get by. That's why songs like The Gambler are among Kenyan radio stations' most requested songs of all time.



FRANK ZAPPA is a monument to success LITHUANIA GRACKEDCOM After breaking away from the Soviet Union, Lithuania erected a statue of the noncomforist rocker in front of a local children's hospital. At its unveiling, a military brass band played all the Zappa hits.

The Guardian


BRUCE LEE united a divided city BOSNIA In the 1990s, Mostar was divided by political and ethnic grievances. The only thing all could agree on? A love of Bruce Lee, fostered by the popularity of VHS martial arts movies. Today, a Lee statue stands as a symbol of solidarity.

Cinema Escapist