14 Things You Didn’t Realize You’re Doing Completely Wrong

Here at Cracked, we love all of you like you're our children. We really mean that. And because we're your parents now, that means it's time for you to stop besmirching our family name by continuing to do things like a bunch of imbeciles. Straighten up, already.


TOILET HAS 13 one OF THESE? CRACKEDOON That's a cup plunger, and it's the wrong tool for the job. It's designed for sinks and can't form a complete seal with a toilet. Toilets need a different plunger, called a flange plunger.

Source: Popular Mechanics


STOP LYING In BED, AWAKE. 1 10 2 3 8 CRACKED COM If you're having trouble sleeping, lying down and trying to sleep makes it worse. That trains you to associate lying in bed with being awake. Instead, get up, do stuff, and only get back in bed once you're tired.

Source: The Guardian


DRINK LIDS ARE COASTERS 40 26 26 3 24 28 30 32 16 34 18 18 28 16 32 34 36 CRACKEDOON 38 You're not supposed to leave the lid on unless you're transporting the cup somewhere. Think about it: You have a bunch of cups and glasses at home,

Source: Insider


10 And 2? Srbine NOPE. Hendensatot That guideline was from before power steering, when turning the wheel took force. Plus, with today's airbags, hands that high could mean your arm slamming into your nose during an accident. Lower your hands!

Source: NBC News


STOP ADDING MILK TO EGGS. If you like it that way, okay, do what you want. But the only reason people started adding milk to scrambled eggs was because eggs were too rare or pricey, and cooks used milk to add bulk and fill people up.

Source: Good Housekeeping


DON'T TOSS THAT KNIFE. FIS CRACKED COM When your utility knife is blunt, you're supposed to snap off the tip to expose a new blade. To some, this information is obvious, but we're treading carefully here because you have a knife.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


DON'T STICK IT IN YOUR EAR. CRACKED COMT Q-Tips actually say right on the bottle that they're not supposed to enter the ear canal. Yeah, it looks like a perfect fit, but a lot of things seem to fit in a lot of holes; that's not a good excuse for breaking

Source: Time


STOP Rinsing PASTA. hendinsatot CRACKED co Rinse only in very specific cases (like making cold pasta pieces for a salad). Otherwise, pasta pieces are SUPPOSED to be sticky. That helps them pull in the sauce.

Source: LA Times


USe HAIRPINS RIGHT. endensator RIGHT WRONG CRACKEDCOMT The bobby pin is supposed to go wavy side down. That might give your fewer fun bumps to touch when your hand goes to your head, but the ridges help keep the pin in place.

Source: Good Housekeeping


WHEN TO rbine EXeRCise? Don't just do it when it feels best. If you're looking to increase your performance, evenings are best. But to burn the most calories, pick mornings. Your circadian rhythm matters.

Source: Washington Post


DON'T DRAIN YOUR BATTERY 12:48 16% Chuarged CRACKEDOON Somehow, the rumor started that you need to drain your phone battery to 0% before recharging it, to stretch out its capacity. Maybe that's true for some batteries, but not the lithium ion one in your phone. 101

Source: Wired


TIRES STUCK on ICE? endensator Don't spin them or rock back and forth. Drop kitty litter under the tires to give you some traction. You did remember to always keep a bag of kitty litter in the trunk next to your spare, right?

Source: All State


MONOPOLY'S not SLOW. OO4 MONOPOLY The ing Trsding Game Fast- Property It's only slow because people ignore the auction rule. First time someone lands on a property, they must buy it or the banker must auction it. That quickly gets things moving and put some players ahead.

Source: BBC


SOOTHING MusIc SUCKS. CRACKED.cO If you're stressed and trying to relax, that is. Know what'll relax you much more? Listening to some heavy metal. Because heavy metal is objectively awesome. Source: science!

Source: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience