14 Recent Scientific Discoveries You Might Have Missed

There's a great big universe we know so little about. And as an individual, it's hard to keep up with what humans collectively actually know. Here are some quick science-related headlines to keep your mind curious even though you might be short on time…


Mars' ocean water may still be there A new NASA study proposes that water on Mars didn't disappear into space, as previously believed, but might be trapped within minerals in the planet's crust.

Source: Science Daily


Scientists grew tear glands in a dish and made them cry CRACKED COM Using human stem cells, scientists were able to grow tear glands and induce tear production. This is great news for people with tear gland disorders.

Source: Science Alert


Even if yOU don't believe conspiracy theories, they influence you Just being confronted with conspiracies is enough to affect our behavior, regardless of our actual belief.

Source: EurekAlert!


It snows plastic Thanks to plastics in antifreeze products, there are minute particles of plastics in snow and rain.

Source: EurekAlert!


A single head injury may increase your risk of dementia CRACKEDCONT A single head injury increases your risk of dementia later in life, while more injuries increase that risk.

Source: Science Daily


Astronauts may have impaired ability to recognize others' emotions CRACKED.COM In experiments, researchers haven't determined if this an effect of simulated microgravity on the brain or isolation.

Source: EurekAlert!


Reading makes you better at... math? 1,3,5,7,9,11,13.15.17 Aa 2 Ff a2+b2=C2 15-2=13 10x3=30 b 010+13=23 12 cm 7x2=14 5x3-15 C S IAlvBL CRACKED 12 cm The part of your brain that is responsible for being able to read is also used during previously considered unrelated activities, like multiplication.

Source: Science Daily


The bites of a younger T-Rex were less impactful than an adult's A lion's bite averages 1300 Newtons. An adult t-rex was capatable of ,000 Newtons. Even if a young T-Rex wasn't as powerful, it still would be terrifying.

Source: Science Daily


The fat-tailed dwarf lemur is our closest hibernating relative CRACKED CON This year, the lemur went into hibernation for the first time in captivity and SO far it appears to be a success.

Source: Science Daily


Older women's health may be tied to their partner's health Because caregiving responsibilities often fall on women, a woman is more likely to also be in poor health if her partner is.

Source: EurekAlert!


Squids can change their skin's color and brightness CRACKEDcO Scientists discovered light-reflecting cells that allow squids to shimmer, mimicking the ocean's dappled light.

Source: Science Daily


Catnip might be a good insect repellant Its active ingredient Nepetalactone works as an irritant for flatworms, fruit flies, and mosquitoes.

Source: Science Daily


The earliest animals didn't have heads or skeletons CRACKED All modern animals, including humans, share with the 555-million-year-old oceanic creatures.

Source: Science Daily


Eye color genetics are more complicated than we thought CRACKEDCONT Move over, Punnett Squares. Scientists have discovered over 50 new genes for eye color.

Source: Science Daily