20 Unusual Words You Can Play on Scrabble to Crush (Or Annoy) Other Players

We know you love Scrabble. We mean, you're a Cracked reader. It's a given that your thing is impressing your friends and family with useless bits of knowledge (and shocking them with dirty words). That's why we have prepared here a quaint, small lexicon to expand your already bountiful vocabulary; an undertaking optimistically conducive to your aspiration of electrifying your fellow participants in the aforementioned merrymaking activity. Just don't, you know, talk like a douchebag.


AA A rough kind of lava. Don't be surprised if the other players are also roughly annoyed after you pull this, though.

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AQUAFABA The liquid that results when beans are cooked in water. You can use it for cooking, and also for winning. Isn't it great?

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ATIGI A type of Inuit parka. Everyone will need parkas, considering how cool you'll be when you play this word.

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BIBIMBAP A dish of cooked rice and vegetables. IF you serve the other players a bowl of the stuff, they'll be happier to accept that you didn't just make up the word.

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BOKEH The blurred quality of a photograph. You thought your pics were blurry? No, they had bokeh. Way cooler.

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CONIINE A poisonous alkaloid found in hemlock. Here you have a nice chemical word, worth niine- sorry, nine points.

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COTIJA A Mexican cheese. Really, is there anything that cheese doesn't make better?

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DUDGEON feeling of indignation. Not a dungeon for dudes, sadly. (Which is itself a cause for indignation.)

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GHERKIN A kind of small cucumber. Yeah, that's the way to do it. Keep workin' that gherkin and win the game!

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MUZJIK Russian peasant. Also moujik, mujik, and muzhik. Resist the urge to say musjik to my ears. Just don't do that.

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PAHOEHOE Hardened lava with a smooth surface. Smooth, you say? Playing this word is smooth. Smooth as hell.

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QAPIK A monetary unit of Azerbaijan. Also gopik. We don't know how much a gapik is worth but we do know that the word is worth 20 shiny points.

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QAT An evergreen shrub. Also kat and khat. Let's just take a moment here to consider how every spelling of cat is a real word. This has to mean something.

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SAIN To make the sign of the cross. Vampires are at an unfair advantage, because of how many old words they know. Play this to banish them.

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SYZYGY The Earth, Moon, and Sun lying in a straight line. The planets must really align for you to be able to play this, as you'll be one short. (Or just use a blank tile. -whichever is easier).

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XYST A roofed area where athletes trained in ancient Greece. Also xystos and xystus. Yes, the word xyst does exist - and it will also make you an athlete in Scrabble.

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ZA Slang for pizza. Yes, of course this is legal in Scrabble. What kind of monster would outlaw pizza in any shape or form?

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ZAX A tool for cutting roof slates. Just remember that if you don't say, Look, I'm playing zax, you'll be a disappointment to dads everywhere.

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ZOMBOID Resembling zombies. Zomboid sounds like a word a zombie movie slightly embarrassed to be a zombie movie would use. Anyway, it's Scrabble-legal.

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ZYMURGY A branch of physics dealing with fermentation. The fermentation part might explain your feeling drunk with power after playing this word.

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