15 Behind-the-scenes Facts About Spielberg Movies

Somehow, a movie that centers on a mosquito sucking blood got the whole “sucking blood” part totally wrong. Anyway, Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:


The paint for the Jaws shark had to be shipped across the country. It was special paint that would self-destruct three weeks after it was made, so they had to get regular shipments of it from California, in the same Universal Studios pouch that studio execs set their notes in.

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When John Williams shared his idea for the Jaws score, Spielberg laughed. AFL It was just two notes, so Spielberg thought it was a joke. He played it until I stopped laughing. CRACKED.COM

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Steven Spielberg had super-strict conditions for Tom Sizemore on Saving Private Ryan. If he had a positive drug test, even on the very last day, he'd be fired on the spot and his part would be re-shot. Sizemore stayed clean all 58 days of shooting.

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Some of the unsubbed German dialogue in Saving Private Ryan is actually Czech. When two German soldiers surrender at Omaha beach and apparently speak German, they're actually saying in Czech Please don't shoot me! I am not German, I am Czech, I didn't kill anyone! I am Czech!

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Saving Private Ryan led directly to the Medal of Honor games. MEDAL OF HONOR The movie was R-rated and unsuitable for kids, so Spielberg wanted to make a video game that would give kids a sense of what being in the European theater of wWll was like. that became the

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E.T. started out as a horror film about aliens who kill. It was called Night Skies, and featured aliens who killed people by touching them with long fingers. Before shooting, Spielberg decided that was too dark and totally changed the tone.

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E.T. has a deleted Harrison Ford cameo. Ford played the high school's principal, scolding Elliot about the frog incident -- but Spielberg decided the scene was out of place and Ford's cameo felt like a distraction, so he cut it.

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They had a surprisingly hard time shooting the crowd scenes in Jaws. Unless the directions were just right, half of the crowd would start laughing like crazy and fall into the water Cinstead of panicking like they were supposed to).

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The mosquito in Jurassic Park actually doesn't suck blood. That species, Toxorhynchites rutilus, is the only species that doesn't. CRACKED.COM

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Sound designer Gary Rydstrom asked a friend to contribute to the raptor's voice in Jurassic Park. His friend showed up at the studio, and Rydstrom asked You make any weird sounds? The friend did make a sound with his throat, and Rydstrom spliced it with the sounds of African cranes,

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Indy's pilot in Raiders of the Lost Ark was a real-life pilot. He was hired to fly the filmmakers around while they were shooting in Hawaii and to scout out possible new shooting locations, and eventually they asked him if he wanted to be in the movie.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal


They had to remove 350 TV antennas to shoot Raiders of the Lost Ark. The antennas were around the houses around Sallah's home, and taking them down took one day.

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They used cayenne pepper for the plane fight in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Spielberg didn't want blood splashing around when Marion shoots the truckload of Nazis who arrive at the end, so he asked for a sort of mist, a dust feel. The only thing they could get for

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Klaus Kinski turned down a role in Raiders of the Lost Ark. He said no because the script was, according to him, moronically s**tty. CRACKED.COM

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The Jaws shark was named after Spielberg's lawyer. The crew called him Bruce, after Bruce Ramer. CRACKED.COM

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