13 Now-You-Know Facts About Movies And More To Cure Your Boredom

If you think that Al Pacino’s subtlety and restraint in the first part of The Godfather is an acting masterclass -- well, the executives making the movie just thought he was bad at playing a gangster. Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:


We almost got a Watchmen movie in the 90s. Terry Gilliam was supposed to direct, and they wanted Schwarzenegger for Doctor Manhattan, while David Bowie wanted to play Rorschach. But it turned out to be too expensive, and anyway, Gilliam later decided Watchmen was too big for one movie. NOW

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Two movies had a bidding war over Who Let The Dogs Out back when it was released. Nickelodeon wanted to use it for Rugrats in Paris, and Disney wanted it for 101 Dalmatians. Nickelodeon won by paying for the music video and giving the band, The Baha Men, a live

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The crowd noises for Spartacus were recorded at a college football game- Before a 1959 MSU Vs. Notre Dame game, the Spartacus sound crew showed up and asked the 76,000 fans to scream as loud as they could. They screamed, among others, the legendary line I am Spartacus! NOW YOU

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Warner Brothers makes $1 billion a year from syndicating Friends. Each of the main cast members gets 2% of that, or $20 million a year. NOW YOU KNOW

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John Cleese considers having a lemur named after him a greater honor than being knighted. They named a lemur species Avahi cleesei after him because of his work for lemur conservation, and he says he'd rather have that than a knighthood or peerage (he turned down a knighthood in 1996).

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Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler promised to spEND the prize money as irrationally as possible. He's an economist who studies how rational decision-making often takes a backseat to gut feelings, and they gave him the prize for creating a more realistic analysis of how people think and behave when making

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James Earl Jones didn't speak for eight years. After moving across the country as a child, he began stuttering due to the trauma of being separated from his mother (she didn't come along) and of almost being left behind by his family. He stopped speaking, because other kids made fun

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The cymbal brand Zildjian was founded in the Ottoman Empire. Zilsjian In 1618, alchemist Avedis Zildjian stumbled upon an excellent alloy for cymbal material (he was trying to make gold), and started a cymbal foundry that eventually grew into today's Zildjian company. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

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85% of male insects have accidental gay FOT sex. It's accidental because they don't bother trying to find out their partner's gender -- basically, they just get it on. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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When threatened or anxious, hagfish produce incredibly bizarre slime. They take less than half a second to release about a bucketful of slime that's 10,000 to 100,00 times softer than Jell-O-- it's one of the softest materials science has identified. NOW YOU KNOW

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A cave in Romania is possibly the most isolated ecosystem on Earth. Movile cave has been isolated from the rest of the world for 5.5 million years, and it contains 33 species found nowhere else. NOW YOU KNOW

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One man rescues cats in Fukushima's nuclear zone. * XX53 3x Sakae Kato stayed behind when the 2011 Fukushima earthquake happened, and now he saves cats abandoned by their former owners. He's currently looking after 41 cats, and says I want to make sure I am here to take

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Al Pacino nearly got fired from The Godfather. In the first couple of weeks, his performance totally baffled the filmmakers (except for Coppola, who supported him) and they wanted to replace him. They only changed their mind once they saw him in the restaurant scene -. if that scene hadn't worked,

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