12 Incredibly Weird Yet Real Recent Headlines

When a wolf died in a zoo in central China, they weren’t ready to just leave its enclosure empty. No -- they salvaged the situation with truly unexpected ingenuity. Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:


A truck with the slogan YOU can do it' got stuck under an Oxfordshire bridge. LOW BRIDGE 4.5m 1550 You can do it PRIDRR O MISSONSE INIT Apparently, the driver tried to reverse, but it turned out he couldn't. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC


A ZOO in China tried to present a dog as a wolf. BTV Ssh JEAILL Ri I Apparently, the zoo's wolf died of old age, so they just put a rottweiler in the enclosure instead.

Source: BBC


Neopets is trying to crack down on a black market in virtual pets. Neopets is a website where you can trade virtual pets, and a bug lets you steal other people's- so extremely valuable pets get stolen and sold off. The site is about 20 years old and runs on

Source: ScreenRant


The Q Shaman's lawyer defended him by comparing him to Forrest Gump. Al Watkins said the Q Shaman went to the Capitol like Forrest Gump Cin the movie, Gump gets invited to the White House by President Nixon) and added that he genuinely believed in the truth of what was

Source: Yahoo


An NYC woman discovered a whole apartment behind her mirror. After removing her bathroom mirror, she found a large hole behind it that led to a dark room. It turned out the room was part of an empty, unfinished apartment (strewn with trash bags). CRACKED.COM

Source: NBCNews


Canadian airport's extension worth almost $3.5 million turned out to be unusable. 2 The taxiway extension at the Victoria International Airport was supposed to make the airport safer and cut down on plane fuel consumption, but it was built in one of the control tower's blind spots - so it can't

Source: GoldStream Gazette


The former CEO of Papa John's is working to get rid of the N-word in his vocabulary. John Schnatter resigned as CEO for using the N-word on a conference call in 2018. One of his goals since then, he says, has been to get rid of this N-word in my

Source: WFLA


The U.S. Air Force has to reverse-engineera reverse-e a part of its own B-2 stealth bomber. SPIRIT WM OF PENNSYZVANIA 393 BS 6T ISSEEDEFENDERS It's not clear why this is happening, but it's probably because the original plans or manufacturing equipment are lost.

Source: The Drive


A Siberian man was interrogated by police after revealing who killed his great-grandfather. For about 10 years, Denis Karagodin worked to find out the identities of the Stalin-era officials who executed his great-grandfather in 1938. When he succeeded, and published their names, the son of one of those people pressed

Source: RFE/RL


The Netherlands organized a massive party to study COVID. Amsterdam's largest music arena opened for 1,300 people, so researchers could study how they behaved. That way, the government would have data to guide its decisions on reopening safely. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Guardian


In Pennsylvania, robots now have the same legal rights as pedestrians. That goes for sidewalk robots weighing up to 550 pounds and going up to 12 mph, which are used to deliver groceries and small items.

Source: Axios


Japan is considering banning crossbows. Japan has been super successful at banning guns, so crossbows have gotten really popularc. and plenty of crimes have been committed with them. Soon, the parliament is expected to pass laws that restrict the use of crossbows to sports and tranquilizing animals. CRACKED.COM

Source: Yahoo