14 Times A Real Injury Had To Be Written Into The Scene

If any of these actors were trying to get out of work by dinging up their precious vessels, they vastly underestimated a writer's willingness to give a character a cast and call it a day.


George Clooney paid for his Oscar in spinal fluid. SYRIANA CRACKED COM When he was tied to a chair and violently tipped over, he cracked his head for real. He spent two weeks in a hospital, and Lisa Kudrow's neurologist brother finally diagnosed him with a leaky dome. He still struggles

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Matt Leblanc Dick Van Dyked it. FRIENDS CRACKED CON At one point in The One Where No One's Ready, Joey and Chandler both jump over a table, but LeBlanc biffed it big time and dislocated his shoulder. While Matt healed, Joey had to wear a sling. He dislocated his shoulder from

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Harrison Ford had that scar way longer than Indie. INDIANNA JONES Indianna Jones gives himself that chin scar the first time he tries out his whip. But Ford got it years earlier, in an impressively dumber way: he tried to put his seatbelt on, while driving, and smashed into

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Sylvester Stallone screamed like a guy who'd just broken his ribs. FIRST BLOOD CRACKED COM He insisted on doing some of his stunts, including the one where Rambo lands in some trees after dropping from the side of a cliff. That cry of agony is very real, as he broke a

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Detective Mills got a cast because Brad Pitt ran into a car. SE7EN CRACKEDCO While filming that rainy chase scene, Pitt hit a car's hood wrong, broke the windshield, and sliced up his hand. He required a cast while his severed tendon healed, so Pitt's cast became Mills' cast.

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Mark Hamill's face was all jacked up. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK CRACKEDCO Hamill broke his nose in a car crash between wrapping on A New Hope and starting in on Empire. They swept the incident under the rug at the time, but Carrie Fisher later confirmed: Luke gets Wampa-slapped because

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Lucille Ball wrote a full season arc around a skiing accident. HERE'S LUCY CRACKED COM Four seasons into her follow-up to I Love Lucy, Ball fractured her leg skiing. Season five largely revolved around her sitting stationary in a hospital bed, falling in love with a doctor, and having to rely

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lvanova got beat up on screen because Claudia Christian broke her foot. BABYLON! 5 CRACKED.COM Christian showed up to work with a broken foot, during a storyline that couldn't spare her character. They needed to figure out a reason to hobble her, and landed on having a gang of Drazi


Bollywood leading man Amitabh Bachchan always hides his hand in his pocket. 7-10am P Copetand Roz Bus lane cameras 063 anan LOTS OF BOLLYWOOD MOVIES CRACKEDa After holding onto a firecracker for a bit too long, his hand became... visibly exploded. He now keeps that hand in his pocket, and

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Ellen Burstyn broke her back being jerked like a marionette. THE EXORCIST CRACKED.COM Her character is abruptly shoved to the ground by the demon child. To make it look authentic, the director tied her to a wire and had a crewmember yank her to her knees, twice. Despite her protests,

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Tina Fey had to give Tim Meadows carpal tunnel. MEAN GIRLS CRACKED CO Meadows broke his wrist a week before filming started, and would need a cast for the entire shoot. Instead of kicking one of their biggest stars to the curb, Tina Fey decided the chronic condition would explain why

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Harrison Ford slashed open Sean Bean's bean. PATRIOT GAMES Ford bashed Bean in the temple with a boat hook, giving him a scar that can still be seen today.

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Daniel Craig forgot to duck, made the CGI team work overtime. QUANTUM OF SOLACE CRACKED.COM Craig missed a step or two in a carefully choreographed fight scene, and ended up getting kicked in the face and slicing off part of his finger. The finger required plastic surgery, but they had

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James Franco sprinted face-first into a dark forest. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS In the process, he gashed open his head and required several stitches. Instead of halting production for weeks so he could heal, they decided that his character just wears a headband now.

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