15 Devastating SNL Impressions (and What Celebrities Thought of Them)

You’ve probably made it to the big-time if SNL features you in a sketch.  But if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, some celebs can’t take a compliment.


KATHIE LEE GIFFORD is not amused CRACKED COM Some celebs can laugh at themselves, and then there's Gifford. Everyone seems to enjoy it, but I don't think it's that funny. I think I'm going to sue [Wiig] for ruining my song! As if Kathie Lee needed help ruining a song.

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DONALD TRUMP called it a Republican hit job Kof Tlat That tong ing t. whene Form tat Rio The President called for a government investigation after Alec Baldwin did another Trump sketch. Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! This is the real Collusion! And

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SARAH PALIN lost an election I think SNL is egotistical if they believe that it was truly an effect on who should lead the country in the next four years, says Palin. But polls show Republican voters thought less of Palin after watching Tina Fey's parody.

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STEVE HARVEY was going to knock Kenan's ass out OK, he was joking. Kind of. Steve wasn't overly excited about it in the beginning, confesses Thompson, but he grew to love it. I don't do it out of any malice. Harvey clarifies: I really don't have 50 buttons on

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SEAN SPICER racked up therapy bills E WH HOUS WA Spicer joked that Melissa Mccarthy's Emmy-winning mimicry cost me a lot of money in therapy. While Spicer says he can see the humor, he still believes Mccarthy could dial back just a hair.

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RBG was down with her new catchphrase CRACKED.co I liked the actress [Kate McKinnon] who portrayed me and I would like to say 'Ginsburned!' sometimes to my colleagues, says Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We wouldn't mind seeing Clarence Thomas getting the verbal backhand.

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STEVIE WONDER wrote tracks for Murphy's record CRAGKED Eddie Murphy's impression angered some fans, telling him your mother brought you up wrong! But Wonder was in on the joke, appearing in a sketch where Murphy instructs him how to do a better Steve Wonder impersonation.

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ALEX TREBEK- told Lorne he loved the sketch CRACKED.COM On Will Ferrell's final SNL show, the real Trebek made a surprise appearance during the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch, giving Darrell Hammond's Sean Connery a bust in the chops for good measure.

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CAROL BASKIN could slap Chloe Fineman CRAGKEDCOM This whole, 'My kitty, meow, meow, kitty, meow,' and then she would just say these really weird words all in a row. I have no idea how to talk like that. That is not how I speak. Baskin isn't thrilled that Kate McKinnon

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MARK. WAHLBERG wished it was funnier CRACKED.COM Samberg's portayal left Wahlberg cold: I didn't think it was as funny as I'd hoped. He thinks the skits might be Lorne's revenge for turning down SNL hosting gigs. Sure, that's it. Hey Marky Mark, say hi to your mother for us.



HILARY CLINTON has many. SNL doppelgangers CRACKED COM Hilary has been aped by Amy Poehler, Kate Mckinnon, and Jan Hooks. Who's best? Amy's a friend of mine, and Kate's doing a great job, she says. You're not going to get me to pick one ... I think I'm the best Hillary Clinton,

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GEORGE BUSH became lifelong pals with Carvey CRACKED.COM After losing the 1992 election, Bush brought in Dana Carvey, in full-Bush mode, to cheer up his staff. The fact that we can laugh at each other, Bush said, is a very fundamental thing. Carvey described his impression as a combination of

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MILEY CYRUS learned to imitate herself 1664 CRACKED CON Miley is a fan of Vanessa Bayer's impression. She's always been so great about it! says Bayer. In fact, this last time she hosted, we had to talk 'as Mileys' in unison, and I actually gave her a couple tips on how to



DR FAUCI thought:Brad Pitt was classy NI torotoht 711111P Anthony Fauci jokingly said Brad Pitt should should play him in the inevitable movie, and Pitt obliged on SNL. He spent his cold open correcting Trump inaccuracies about the virus. Miracles shouldn't be Plan A. Even Sully tried to land



BERNIE SANDERS is David's distant cousin Larry David prayed Sanders wouldn't get the nomination as he didn't want to spend four years doing SNL. That would have beek OK by Bernie. I think we'll use Larry at our next rally. He does better than I do.