First Episode Vs. Last Episode: In-Show Tributes To Dead Actors

Deciding what to do with a character after their actor passes away must be a tough job. Do you recast to continue their story, silently write the character off, or include the death into the show somehow?

Here are 15 shows that picked the latter option and decided to incorporate the actor’s deaths into the story:


THE BLACKLIST CRACKED CLARK MIDDLETON FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In episode 6 of season Middleton passed 8, his character Glen away in 2020 passes away from the after contracting same virus and the episode revolves the West Nile around Reddington virus. trying to fulfill his friend's final wishes.



RIVERDALE CRACKED LUKE PERRY FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The premiere of Perry passed season 4 is dedicated after to Perry. In the away episode, Archie gets a suffering a call that his dad died stroke in 2019. after saving a woman from an oncoming truck.



GLEE CRACKEDCO CORY MONTEITH FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE MCKINLEY FOOTBA IN His character Finn gets In 2013, Monteith a musical farewell in unexpectedly season 5 episode The Quarterback, which passed away from focuses on the drug overdose. characters dealing with a his death three weeks after his funeral.



NCIS: LOS ANGELES CRACKED MIGUEL FERRER FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE His cancer was Ferrer died in incorporated into the 2017 after show before he died. a After Ferrer's passing, battle with Owen Granger disappears from the hospital and it's throat cancer. later revealed he spent his final days with his

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CATASTROPHE CRACKEDO CARRIE FISHER FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE Mia Vrtih et The writers incorporated her The legendary death into the actress passed series finale by away in 2016. revolving the episode around her character's funeral.



NEWSRADIO CRACKEDCO PHIL HARTMAN FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE Season 5 opens with Hartman was the characters coming tragically back from Bill McNeal's killed funeral after he dies by his wife in offscreen from a heart attack. The episode 1998. centers around them processing his death.



MONK CRACKED STANLEY KAMEL FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The Kamel died season 7 premiere deals with Monk trying in 2008 after to come to terms with suffering a the loss of his therapist, Kroger - who heart attack. Dr. also died from a heart attack.

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ALLY MCBEAL CRACKED GOM PHIL LEEDS FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The show reused old The veteran actor footage of Judge Boyle passed away in to have the character 1998 at the die in the middle of age a trial in of season 2 82. episode 7.

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THE BIG BANG THEORY CRACKED CAROL ANN SUSI FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In 8 Susi, season episode who voiced 15, Howard learns Howard's mom on that his mother died the show, passed in her sleep while away in 2014. vacationing in Florida.

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DALLAS CRACKED LARRY HAGMAN FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE J.R. Ewing 190.3003 AC J Hagman As homage to the died an famous Who Shot in 2012 while J.R.? storyline, the reprising his role show killed off his J.R. Ewing in character and used his as death the Dallas reboot. as a



SILICON VALLEY CRACKED CHRISTOPHER EVAN WELCH FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE 00 Marsets Philanthropist, ry, Tech Billionaire, at husiast Dead 48 In season 2, Richard Welch passed finds out Peter Gregory away in 2013 due died from exhaustion to complications after he was forced to nun away from a hippo from

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8 SIMPLE RULES CRACKEDcO JOHN RITTER FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In season 2's two-part The comedian episode Goodbye, the passed away Hennessy family gets a call that Paul passed from heart away. To properly tell the complications story of a grieving family, the laugh track was in 2003. dropped from

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SUDDENLY SUSAN CRACKED DAVID STRICKLAND FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE David Strickland 1969-1999 vid Strickland 11 The season 3 finale is a Stickland tribute to his character tragically took Todd, who goes missing in the episode. The his own life episode also includes out-of-character in 1999. interviews with the rest of



HOMELAND CRACKEDGO JAMES REBHORN FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In the season 4 Rebhom finale, Carrie learns passed away her father Frank passed away and from melanoma she performs in 2014. a eulogy at his funeral.

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THE WEST WING CRACKEDcO JOHN SPENCER FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE His death was In 2005, Spencer incorporated into the suffered a deadly show by having Leo heart attack before McGarry die from a heart attack on election the final season night and posthumously started filming. becoming the Vice President-elect.