15 WandaVision Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Considering it’s a huge part of the story, it’s not surprising WandaVision is chock-full of homages and references to classic sitcoms, however, there are also a ton of exciting pop culture and comic book easter eggs that you might not have noticed. Like: 


WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS WANDA'S LICENSE PLATE IS AN HOMAGE TO STAN LEE. 122822 WANDA CRACKEDCO The license plate seen in the episode seven opening has the numeric code 122822 on it. Stan Lee was born on December 28, 1922.

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WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THERE'S A SUBTLE BLADE RUNNER REFERENCE. CORONET TANNHAUSER BATE TATARDES PUT THE FUNFIN DYSFUNCTION PT T CATE FH I CRACKED co As Wanda's fictional world is coming apart and Vision is facing erasure, Tannhauser Gate' can be spotted on the movie marquee. Tannhauser Gate comes from the iconic tears



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THE BOVA MILK AD IS A REFERENCE TO WANDA'S BIZARRE COMIC ORIGIN. BOVA MILK CRACKEDCO In the comics, Bova is an evolved COW that helped deliver Pietro and Wanda as babies.



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS RALPH BOHNER ISN'T JUST A JUVENILE JOKE. Bohner is a reference to Richard Boner Stabone from Growing Pains- a show director Matt Shakman appeared in as a child.



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THERE'S A HIDDEN INTERVAL IN ALL THE MUSIC. CRACKEDC Songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez revealed that the show's various theme songs all use a tritone, also known as the devil's interval, to allude to the show's more sinister undertones.



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THE DEMON SPAWN LINE HINTS AT THE TWINS' COMIC ORIGIN. MASr ANLE CRACKEDcO In episode five, Fietro tells Wanda's kids, Unleash hell, demon spawn. In the comics, Wanda's children are created from the life essence of Mephisto - the devil of the Marvel universe.



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME MARVEL INTRODUCED THE DARKHOLD. Qattmn CRACKED.C COM Back when the other shows were still considered MCU canon, The Book of the Damned first appeared in season four of Agents of SH.I.E.L.D. during their Ghost Rider storyline. A few years later, it reappeared



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS SENOR SCRATCHY IS A NOD TO AGATHA'S SON FROM THE COMICS. In the comics, Agatha Harkness has a son named Nicholas Scratch. Mr. Scratch is also a common pseudonym for the Devil. The show's director even revealed that the rabbit tumed into a demon in a

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WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THE TONGUE-IN-CHEEK MOVIES ON THE MARQUEE. ATITTTUSS THE IKCKEDIETES IEYE YIAP THE PAHENI THAP CRACKEDo COM In episode six, the movie marquee in Wanda's reality is advertising The Parent Trap, a movie about twins, and The Incredibles, a movie about a superpowered family.



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS MARIA RAMBEAU'S PHOTON NICKNAME HINTS AT MONICA'S FUTURE. MARIA PHOTON' RAMBEAU In the comics, Maria Rambeau never had that nickname, rather Photon is the superhero alias of her daughter Monica.



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS AGATHA'S BOOTS ARE A REFERENCE TO THE WIZARD OF OZ. CRACKED CO In the final episode, Agatha gets crushed by a car and disappears - only leaving her boots behind. This is a reference to the Wicked Witch of the East's ruby slippers sticking out after she gets crushed



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THE HOMAGES TO THE CHARACTERS' CLASSIC COSTUMES. The Halloween costumes Wanda and her family wear in episode five are basically cheap versions of their classic comic outfits.



Jimmy Woo’s magic trick is an Ant-Man and the Wasp callback. In the movie, after being impressed by a trick Scott Lang performs, there’s a brief shot of Jimmy Woo researching a sleight of hand trick online



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THERE'S A CLASSIC VILLAIN HIDING IN THE ATTIC. X In episode two's animated opening, there's an unusual helmet hidden in the attic of the house. That helmet belongs to the Grim Reaper - - Wanda and Vision's foe from the comics.



WANDAVISION EASTER EGGS THE NEXUS ANTIDEPRESSANT AD COULD BE HINTING AT WANDA'S FUTURE. NEXUS 20mg Capsules 30 Capsules NEXUS CRACKED ce In the comics, Wanda is known as a Nexus being - rare and incredibly powerful individuals who can alter the flow of the Universal Time Stream and who are the foundations