15 Inconceivable Facts About 'The Princess Bride'

True love is the greatest thing in the world, but The Princess Bride comes at a close second. Over three decades since its release, the film still holds up. Want some behind-the-scenes facts about the charming cult classic? As you wish. 


There's a Spinal Tap easter egg in Princess Bride OORAL SEA usS Ov ae The hat Rob Reiner wore in Spinal Tap is hanging on the wall of The Grandson's room.

Source: EW


Andre's stuntman was a foot shorter than him CRACKEDCO Because of back problems, 7' 5 Andre needed to use a 6' 5 stuntman for scenes with Elwes on his back.

Source: EW


Peter Falk thought he was too young to play a grandfather. CRACKEDCOR At 60-something, Falk asked to test with prosthetics to look older. He didn't like how it looked.

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Andre had to use wires to lift Robin Wright. CRAGKEDCOM Despite his large physique, Andre needed assistance lifting the small actress because he was in SO much physical pain from wrestling.

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Elwes and Patinkin learned each other's sword fight choreography This was done at the suggestion of the sword fight expert who said that it would prevent accidents.

Source: Variety


Princess Bride never even had a trailer. pv  The studio didn't know how to market the movie. It was not a big success when it was first released.

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Andre the Giant had to be Fezzik CRACKED COM Rob Reiner couldn't understand a word Andre said during his audition. Reiner made tapes of himself saying the words, and Andre studied them.

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Christopher Guest was stabbed in the leg during rehearsal CRACKEDcO While filming his sword fight, Guest unconsciously made the chk-chk-chk of the swords hitting with his mouth, requiring them to do another take.

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Mandy Patinkin trained for six months CRACKEDcO Carey Elwes trained for four months for the fight scenes. Rob Reiner insisted that they do their own swordplay.

Source: Vanity Fair


Danny eVito was first choice for Vizzini CRACKED COM Wallace Shawn tried to do scenes as DeVito would have but found it impossible as he is inimitable.

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Fred Savage's kids love the movie CRACKEDcO In a true full circle, Savage has showed his kids the movie, saying, They love seeing me as a kid, but they love the movie even with the kissy stuff.

Source: Variety


The story was inspired by the author's daughters William Goldman asked his daughters what he should write about and one said a princess and the other said a bride.

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Billy Crystal and Carol Kane had to arrive at 2 am for make~u CRACKED.COM They were only on set for three days, but Crystal said the experience was joyous.

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Mandy Patinkin identified with Inigo Montoya Patinkin said, I had lost my own father - he died at 53 years old from pancreatic cancer in 1972. I didn't think about it consciously, but I think that there was a part of me that thought, If I get that man in

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Princess Bride saved lives An extreme skier once told Rob Reiner that, after being trapped by an avalanche, she recited the entire movie to keep herself and others awake and active.

Source: Variety