11 Amazing Final Performances That Actors Didn’t Know Would Be Their Last

Sometimes, final performances are not the ones actors wish to be remembered by.  But these 11 conclusive roles turned out to be classics. 


BRUCE LEE was injured multiple times ENTER THE DRAGON CRACKED COM Filming the global blockbuster was dangerous. Lee got twelve stitches as a result of an onscreen bottle fight. And a supposedly defanged cobra gave Lee a nasty bite. Luckily, the snake's poison sac was removed as promised.

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PAUL WALKER was partly digital in his final film FURIOUS7 It took state-of-the-art 2013 CGI (and Walker's brothers as stand-ins) to complete Walker's final performance. Amazingly, missing dialogue was pieced together from the actor's previously recorded lines.

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CARRIE FISHER passed away before filming THE LAST JEDI CRACKED COM That meant filmmakers had to construct a performance from leftover Force Awakens footage. 'While visual effects artists created a virtual performance, Fisher's facial expressions were always her own with no extra digital manipulation.

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HEATH LEDGER got help from famous friends IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS Ledger was only halfway through filming when he unexpectedly passed. His unfilmed scenes featured his character on the other side of a mirror, sO his reflection was played by Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell.



MARILYN MONROE shared a final film with CLARK GABLE THE MISFITS CRACKED.COM Gable had a massive heart attack two days after the film wrapped. Monroe overdosed 18 months later. The Misfits arguably featured Monroe's finest performance, earning her a Golden Globe.

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SPENCER TRACY was .nominated for Best Actor GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER Katherine Hepburn never saw the controversial-for-its-time Guess Who's Coming, claiming the memories of Tracy were too painful. The movie, preserved in the National Film Registry, was the last of nine they made together.

An Affair to Remember: The Remarkable Love Story of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy


PETER FINCH was mad as hell NETWORK MOSC 12 10 Network was billed as an outrageous black comedy SO of course every bit of it came true. Finch earned a posthumous Oscar for his role as a news anchor who spews whatever bile erupts from his brain.



JOHN WAYNE had terminal cancer, on and off screen THE SHOOTIST CRAGKEDCOM After his movie doctor tells Wayne getting shot would be a better way to go than cancer, Wayne invites three rivals to finish him off. In real life, Wayne presented the Best Picture Oscar before giving in to



JAMES DEAN got a speeding ticket hours before he died GIANT CRACKED.COM While making Giant (for which he received an Oscar nom), Dean filmed an ironic car safety PSA. Drive safely, because the life you save may be mine. One month later, Dean died when a Ford custom coupe swerved



HENRY FONDA scored his first Oscar ON GOLDEN POND CRACKED COM Fonda's kid Jane purchased the play On Golden Pond specifically to work out some real-life father /daughter issues. Onscreen wife Katherine Hepburn gave Spencer Tracy's lucky hat to Fonda, who wore it for the film.



FRED ASTAIRE didn't gO out dancing GHOST STORY CRACKED.COM Astaire played a member of the scary story-loving Chowder Society, alongside fellow screen legends Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Melvyn Douglas, and John Houseman. Spooky fact: Only Houseman made another film after Ghost Story.

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