15 People Who Expected Their Biggest Hits To Fail Miserably

Liam Neeson thought he was too old. George Lucas thought the press would never find him in Hawaii. And Chris Pratt, apparently never having seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy, thought any movie with talking trees was bound to fail.

These cinematic geniuses are utter drooling idiots when it comes to gauging the value of their own work:


Arnold Schwarzenegger insisted The Terminator would be low risk, low reward. CRACKED.COM His agent warned him that taking the role would typecast him. While he kind of had a point there, Arnold was convinced that it was low profile, and referred to it as some sh*t movie I'm doing.

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George Lucas went AWOL to avoid negative Star Wars reviews. Lucas was SO sure he'd be run out of town, he booked a trip to Hawaii on opening weekend. It wasn't until he saw a news story about what a massive hit it was that he cooled his jets -

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DC Comics thought Batman was dead as a dodo. CRACKED.COM When eventual Batman producer Michael Uslan first approached DC Comics about buying the rights, a VP told him for God's sake, don't do this. I don't want to see you lose all your money. To be fair, hiring a comedian

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James Cameron just prayed Titanic wouldn't lose too much money. After blowing past multiple deadlines (and budgets), Cameron says Everyone thought they were going to lose money, and all efforts were simply to make sure the hemorrhage was not fatal... myself included.

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20th Century Fox thought James Cameron was due for a dud. They chalked up Titanic's surprising success to the fact that it was about a historical event, and featured a very sexy, very human love story. The fact that Avatar was a complete fantasy about hot aliens having hair

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Richard Dreyfuss thought that Jaws was going to tank. CRACKED COM The cast and crew were worried about getting the plug pulled all throughout production, due to budget and scheduling issues. But Dreyfuss was one of the few who wasn't won over by the final product: Everyone had thought they had

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Donald Sutherland turned down a 2% share of Animal House's profits. CRACKED COM Director John Landis needed to find a big star to squeeze into the movie's poster, and Sutherland agreed to a one-day shoot. He was offered $25k and 2% gross, but countered that I just want the money. He

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Liam Neeson figured Taken would go straight to video. CRACKED COM Neeson thought he was aging out of action star roles when Taken was offered to him. He signed up for the ridiculous plot of man punches half of Europe to find his daughter just to feel like a badass for

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Betsy Palmer thought Friday the 13th was a piece of sh*t. CRACKED.COM Palmer played Jason's mother, the source of one of the biggest twists in horror history. But she initially hated the script, and only took the role because the payday was just big enough for her to buy a

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Lillian Disney didn't think kids would want to see Snow White. Disney had figured out how to make some cash off of their dynamic rodent mascot. But lots of people--including Walt's wife -- thought a 90-minute Brothers Grimm fairy tale was outside of their wheelehouse, and kids simply wouldn't sit

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Chris Pratt considered Guardians of the Galaxy a career killer. HAND-RESATON CRACKED COM Even after agreeing to sign on as the still-obscure comic book hero, Pratt thought it was going to bomb: You don't make a movie with a talking tree, you don't spend this much money on a raccoon with

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Keira Knightley was ashamed of Pirates of the Caribbean. CRACKED COM Knightley didn't tell any of her friends she was working on the first film, and said she fully expected it was going to be total sh*t.

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20th Century Fox tried to kill Deadpool with a $7 million budget cut. The project had already been through SO much adversity that the writing team had become incredibly scrappy. They took it in stride, making major rewrites like boiling three different characters down to one: Gina Carano's Angel

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Bill Skarsgard was convinced the entire production of IT was cursed. SS Georgie CRACKED COM ...which is understandable, since he was playing a horrid nightmare clown. That's just begging for a cursed set. Production went relatively smoothly, but all throughout, he kept insisting things were going too well. He wouldn't even

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Jon Heder thought Napoleon Dynamite would be lucky to see a festival. The cast loved the script sO much, they were okay with the film (ostensibly) being immediately ignored by the moviegoing public. Heder said he thought it might make a festival somewhere, but never, in my wildest dreams,

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