15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Tarantino Movies

Apparently, Eli Roth’s performance in Inglourious Basterds was built partly on the music of Hannah Montana. Let us tell you about that, and another 14 weird details from Tarantino’s movies.


The Japanese girl band made it into Kill Bill because of a random encounter Tarantino had. He heard the's in a second-hand shop in Tokyo and asked to buy their album, but they told him no, because that was the owner's album. He insisted, because he was on his

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That's Tarantino spitting in Uma Thurman's face in Kill Bill. Michael Madsen's character is spitting, but Tarantino wanted to do it himself. I love Michael, he's a terrific actor, but I didn't trust him with this kind of intricate work, of nailing this. So the idea is, I'm doing it,

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Mr. Blue in Reservoir Dogs was played by an actual felon. The actor, Edward Bunker, went to prison for robbing banks, forging checks, assault ... Etc. He also wrote novels and screenplays, and eventually became an actor.

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Tarantino typed Django Unchained with one finger. He first wrote it out in longhand, then typed it up, using one finger, on the same old typewriter/ word processor he'd used to write Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. CRACKED.COM

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At one point, Will Smith was the top choice to play Django in Django Unchained. He ended up passing because he thought it should be a movie about love, not vengeance, and that just didn't work for Tarantino.

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Jamie Foxx kinda trolled Christoph Waltz on the set of Django Unchained. Waltz broke his pelvis by falling off a horse on the set, so Foxx gave him a saddle with a seat belt. CRACKED.COM

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Eli Roth got into character for Inglorious Basterds with the help of Hannah Montana. He thought about his relatives being killed in the Holocaust while listening to a Hannah Montana song, and that put him in the crazy, murderous mindset he needed.

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Simon Pegg was originally supposed to play Lt. Hicox in Inglorious Basterds. They only got Michael Fassbender once Pegg dropped out due to scheduling problems.

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Tarantino insisted he had to be the one strangling Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds. If it's just a guy with his hands on your neck, not putting any kind of pressurea.. you're not going to get the blood vessels bulging, or the eyes filling it with tears, he said, and

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The Reservoir Dogs car showed up again in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. T9 ERY Rick Dalton's '66 Cadillac was also Mr. Blonde's car. Michael Madsen (who played Mr. Blonde) had kept it in storage all those years.

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Tom Waits auditioned for one of the gangster roles in Reservoir Dogs. Tarantino had him come in and read the Madonna speech, just so he could hear Tom Waits say all that. CRACKED.COM

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There's no official answer to what's in the Pulp Fiction briefcase. It was originally supposed to be diamonds, but they decided against that because it felt too hokey and unoriginal. So they left it a mystery. CRACKEDGOM

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Originally, Vincent Vega wasn't supposed to blow Marvin's brains out right away. In the script, Vega would first shoot him in the throat, then he and Jules would frantically try and figure out what to do (while poor Marvin gurgled in the background). Their solution would be blowing Marvin's brains

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The Pulp Fiction car got stolen in 1994 (and recovered almost 20 years later). It was Tarantino's owned car, and it was recovered kind of by accidentc- in 2013, cops saw two guys stripping down a Chevrolet Malibu, and it turned out the Malibu was stolen... from Quentin Tarantino. CRACKEDGOM

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Beatrix and Elle's fight in Kill Bill owes a debt to Jackass. jackass the movie The first Jackass movie played an influence on the gross parts of that fight, Tarantino said.

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