12 Pretty Weird Headlines That Might Have Slipped Past You

If you’ve noticed the feta cheese shelves looking a little bare at your supermarket lately, and you’ve somehow wondered why, you probably wouldn’t have guessed the answer: TikTok. Let us tell you about that story and 11 others:


Apparently, glasses can protect you against COVID. A study of 304 COVID patients found that wearing glasses reduces your risk of getting the virus by a factor of 2 or 3. The mechanism is pretty simple a virus can get into your eye, and then through a duct and into

Source: Penn Live


An ex-Marine launched an edible crayon brand. FF CRuncH The popular joke goes that Marines are crayon eaters, so when Frank Manteau absentmindedly bit into one, he thought it might make a good business idea c- and he started Crayons Ready-to-Eat. CRACKED.COM

Source: Military Times


The Biden White House uses Zoom for regular meetings. Most unclassified remote meetings are held on Zoom which might be a security risk, because Chinese intelligence services might be interfering with calls.

Source: Washington Post


An ldaho Republican voted against using federal cash for early childhood education on pretty ridiculous grounds. MDOR MANWARING 29 BUCHTI Rep. Charlie Shepherd (R) LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 7 [A]ny bill that makes it easier or more convenient for mothers to come out of the home and let others raise their child,

Source: KTVB


The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill that would let it declare federal laws unconstitutional. EFEE ILI Under the bill, they could ask the AG to declare federal laws unconstitutionalc- and if the AG refused, the oklahoma legislature itself could do it. But if the bill somehow passes the

Source: KOCO


When the South Dakota AG ran over a man on a highway, he was reading a conspiracy theory article. fatne Just before Jason Ravnsborg hit Joseph Boever, he was reading Realclearpolitics and Just the News on his phone- specifically, an article about a conspiracy involving Joe Biden and China.

Source: Law And Crime


Russian diplomats had to leave North Korea on a hand-powered trolley. North Korea closed its land borders and shut down air travel, so a group of diplomats traveling home to Russia had to use a trolley to cross the border (they traveled by bus to get to it).

Source: The Guardian


A TikTok fad led to a feta cheese shortage. A recipe for baked feta pasta got super popular on TikTok (#fetapasta got over 600 million views) and gave a sudden boost to feta cheese sales throughout the U.S. some stores even ran out for a while. CRACKED.COM

Source: NYTimes


The Toronto Star's parent company is opening an online casino to fund its newspaper business. TORONTO STAR WEATHER HIGH n CIMIX OF SUN AND CLOUDS MAP s8 MONDAY OCTOBER When it VOTE 2019 comes to voting there's often a generational divide. But family debate Bulletproof can lead to valuable lessons

Source: CBC


Japan's Nagoya Air Catering Co. is selling in-flight meals as regular packaged meals. Since the airline business basically dropped off a cliff, the company had to find a new market, and it's now selling the meals online, in supermarkets, and in department stores.

Source: Japan Times


The golden statue of Trump they had at CPAC was made in China. fathe LOOK AHEAD AMERICA The first version of the story was that it was actually made in Mexico, but a business partner of the artist Tommy Zegan (who claimed he'd made it, but didn't) decided to set

Source: The Daily Beast


A plastic surgeon showed up for a Zoom court hearing in the middle of an operation. fathe seett Green SUPERXOR COERT of CALTORNTA Michael Green assured the judge it would be okay since there was another surgeon present, but the judge said Not at all. I don't think so. I

Source: Buzzfeed News