16 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

It’s only been a few days since WandaVision wrapped up and everybody is clamoring for more. We likely won’t see Wanda again until next year’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so the only thing we can do now is mindlessly dissect the show the same way Hayward dissected Vision’s body.

Here’s are some juicy behind-the-scenes facts to keep your WandaVision thirst at bay:


BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS CRACKED CON SENOR SCRATCHY ORIGINALLY HAD A MUCH BIGGER ROLE. STA Director Matt Shakman says that they shot a scene for the finale that featured Monica, Ralph, and Wanda's kids going to Agatha's basement and finding Scratchy- who would attack them after transforming into a demon. Unfortunately, the scene was



BEHIND-THE-SCENESE FACTS CRACKED GO THE CAST HAD TO GO THROUGH A SITCOM BOOT CAMP. STA CLEASE In order to leam the style and structure of each specific sitcom decade portrayed on the show, the actors had to attend a two-week sitcom boot camp where they watched and analyzed several different classic

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS PAUL BETTANY TROLLED THE WHOLE FANDOM. STAN CLEASE After Evan Peters' appearance on the show, Bettany came out and teased a secret character played by an actor he's longed to work with all of his life. After weeks of fan speculation, it turned out Bettany was talking about

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS C CRACKED cO VISION WAS ACTUALLY BLUE IN BLACK AND WHITE SCENES. STA Paul Bettany had to be painted blue for the show's first two episodes because Vision's red color didn't translate well in grayscale. The show also used period-appropriate lenses and lighting in order to achieve that vintage look.



BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS LEASE ENDGAME ALMOST HAD A WANDAVISION POST-CREDITS SCENE. STA CLEASE According to Paul Bettany, Avengers: Endgame originally Had a post-credit scene featuring Vision's dead body which would have led directly into the show. However, Kevin Feige eventually decided against having a post-credits scene in the film.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFA CRACKEDcO THE SHOW WASN'T SUPPOSED TO KICK OFF MCU PHASE 4. MARVEL STUDIOS DOCTOR STRSANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Pandemic-related delays messed up the whole schedule. Black Widow, Eternals, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were all supposed to be released before Wandavision. The show's follow-up, Doctor Strange

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS CRACKED CON PAUL BETTANY THOUGHT HE WAS GETTING FIRED. STAN ISU0E WundVision Disney+ The actor revealed that when Marvel called him in for a meeting shortly after his death in Infinity War, he thought they were about to tell him his time in the MCU was over To his pleasant



BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS CRACKEDcO THE SHOW USED A LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE STA CLEASE In order to be more authentic, the first episode was shot with an actual live studio audience on set. Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen say the experience was nerve-wracking.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS CRACKEDcO KEVIN FEIGE CAME UP WITH THE TITLE. STAN Writer Jac Schaeffer revealed that while they were brainstorming titles for the show, Feige came in and suggested WandaVision. Schaeffer and the rest of the team immediately fell in love with the title.



BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS CRACKED COR DEBRA JO RUPP'S NEPHEW FORCED HER TO TAKE THE ROLE. LEASE Rupp says that when director Matt Shakman asked her to be on the show, she was hesitant because she didn't understand any of it. She was persuaded to take the role by her great-nephew, who told



BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS CRACKED C KATHRYN HAHN ACTUALLY SINGS AGATHA ALL ALONG. AGATHA Hahn, who provides the main vocals for the song, says she was both confused and amazed by the song's success- it hit number one on iTunes' Top Soundtracks charts and reached the top five on their main chart.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS CRACKEDGO ELIZABETH OLSEN WAS SKEPTICAL ABOUT DOING THE SHOW. STAN CLEASE Olsen says that before leaming more about the story, she was very thrown by the whole TV part of it all.' She was also unsure if these larger-than-life characters could work on the small screen and without their

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS CRACKED GO THE CREATORS CONSULTED WITH DICK VAN DYKE. STAN OZ DISNEY EXPO 2 D23 EXPO In order to pay tribute to the 60s-era sitcoms as best they could, director Matt Shakman and Kevin Feige met with the star of The Dick Van Dyke Show sO they could pick his



BEHIND-THE-SCENESE FACTS THE OPENING CREDITS WERE INSPIRED BY AN ADULT SWIM SHORT. STAN Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopeza and Robert Lopez revealed that they based the show's various opening themes on ToO Many Cooks- a viral 201 4 Adult Swim short which parodied different opening credits from the '80s and 'gos

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS CRACKED CON PAUL BETTANY ISN'T BABY VISION. STA Because Bettany didn't have any baby pictures that would work for Baby Vision, the visual effects team used pictures of Scott McPhate -the show's VFX coordinator who looks a bit like the actor.



BEHIND-THE-SCENESF FACTS CRACKED CON ELIZABETH OLSEN FOUGHT FOR THE INCLUSION OF THE CLASSIC COSTUME. CLEASE STAN Olsen says that she pushed the production team to go all the way while they were in the process of figuring out how similar her Halloween episode costume would look to her comic book counterpart.