16 Actors Who Got Tattoos In Honor Of Their Own Movies/Shows

Actors being fans of their own movies and characters is always a joy to see. Some actors love their projects so much that they decided to get a permanent reminder of them drawn on their skin.

Today we’ll take a look at actors who got tattoos as tributes to their own movies/shows:


MEMBERS OF THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING GOT MATCHING TATTOOS. p CRACKEDCO Almost all nine members of the Fellowship got the word nine' in Elvish tattooed on their bodies. John Rhys Davies didn't partake but his stunt double got the tattoo in his place.



TOM HOLLAND HAS A SPIDER-MAN TATTOO. yn eens CRACKEDG COM Holland got the spider symbol from his spidey suit tattooed on the bottom of his foot. He says the process was really painful and that he had to tattoo It three times in order to prevent fading.



THE SUICIDE SQUAD CAST TATTOOED EACH OTHER. SKWAD CRACKED C COM Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnamon, Karen Fukuhara, and director David Ayers tattooed the word SKWAD on each other on the set of the film.



EMILIA CLARKE'S DRAGONS WILL ALWAYS BE WITH HER. CRACKED c COM Made sure this mamma ain't NEVER forgetting her babies, said Clarke about tattooing Daenerys's three dragons on her wrist after wrapping the final season of GaME of Thrones.



THE AVENGERS HAVE MATCHING TATTOOS. K DE INK CRACKED c COM After finishing Avengers: Endgame, Scarlett Johansson got the idea for all six original Avengers to get matching tattoos. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner got inked but Mark Ruffalo chickened out due to his fear of

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THE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS CAST ALL GOT TRIBUTE TATTOOS. ORACKED.c COM After wrapping the show, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, and Janel Pamish got their character's initial tattooed on their fingers.

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NEIL PATRICK HARRIS HAS AN OLAF TATTOO. GRACKEDOOM To celebrate A Series of Unfortunate Events getting a second season, Harris tattooed the V.F.D. logo on his ankle the same tattoo Count Olaf has on his ankle



SOPHIE TURNER AND MAISIE WILLIAMS HAVE MATCHING GOT TATTOOS. Mx. 07.63.09 CRACKED COM In 2016, the two best friends got 07.08.09. tattooed on their arms- the date they found out they got cast on Game of Thrones.

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THE CAST OF MS. MARVEL GOT THUNDERBOLT TATTOOS. MARVEL CUURELADEN RORETRKS SRpeax CRACKED CON Iman Vellani, Yasmeen Fletcher, Matt Lintz, Rish Shah, Laurel Marsden, and Saagar Shaikh decided to celebrate their upcoming Disney+ show by tattooing Kamala Khan's thunderbolt symbol on their arms.



MAISIE WILLIAMS HAS NO ONE. TATTOOED ON HER NECK No one. CRACKED CON COM To commemorate the final season of Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams tattooed Arya Stark's moniker on the back of her neck.



LADY GAGA HAS A STAR IS BORN TATTOO. COM After starring in the film, Gaga tattooed a big rose on her back accompanied by the words la vie en rose. La Vie en Rose' is the name of the song she performs in the film.



KATHERINE MCNAMARA HAS THREE SHADOWHUNTERS TATTOOS. 4 CRACKED COM McNamara marked each new season of Shadowhunters with a rune tattoo on her foot. Unfortunately, that as high as the tattoos will go as the show was canceled after its third season.



AARON PAUL HAS NO HALF MEASURES TATTOOED ON HIS ARM. o Hay Moewwrus Paul got the tattoo as a tribute after Breaking Bad ended. It's a reference to Mike's memorable no more half measures' quote from season three episode Half Measures.



KALEY CUOCO AND ZOSIA MAMET REALLY LOVE THEIR NEW SHOW. CRACKEDCO The two got matching paper airplane tattoos as a tribute to their new HBO Max show, The Flight Attendant.



JOHNNY DEPP HAS ONE OF JACK SPARROW'S TATTOOS. Jack CRACKEDCO COM Depp tattooed a sparrow flying over the ocean on his arm- the same tattoo Sparrow has on his arm. The only difference is that Depp's sparrow is flying in a different direction. The Jack tattoo under it is referencing



BRYAN CRANSTON HAS THE BREAKING BAD LOGO ON HIS FINGER. ing am 3: Br a Cranston got the tattoo on the final day of shooting. He says that whenever he catches a glimpse of the tattoo it brings a smile to his face.

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