16 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Wolf of Wall Street

When it came out in 2013, everybody thought Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of a fraudulent Wall Street stockbroker would net him his first Oscar win. While that didn’t happen, the movie was still a massive success. 

The movie and the real-life story it’s based on are both incredibly wild, however, some of the behind-the-scenes stories could give them both a run for their money. Like:


BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS THE PRODUCTION GOT INTO TROUBLE WITH THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. HHE WOLF OF WALL STREET The film's production company, Red Granite Pictures, was forced to pay around $60 million to the U.S. government after being sued for using money misappropriated from a Malaysian state fund to finance the film.



The chest-thump is Matthew McConaughey’s actual ritual. McConaughey says he sometimes hums and hits his chest to relax before doing scenes. DiCaprio saw him doing it on set and asked him to incorporate it into their scene.



BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS THE REAL JORDAN BELFORT CAMEOS IN THE FILM. hes STRAI BALES THE WOLF OF WALL STREET The guy at the end of the movie introducing Belfort after his prison release and describing him as the single baddest motherfu-er I have ever met' is the real Jordan Belfort.



BEHIND-THE-SCENES PFACTS DICAPRIO OUTBID BRAD PITT FOR THE FILM RIGHTS. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET In 2007, DiCaprio secured the film rights for Jordan Belfort's memoir The Wolf of Wall Street over his Hollywood buddy, Brad Pitt. Belfort decided to sell to Dicaprio because he had Scorsese on board to

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS JONAH HILL TOOK A MASSIVE PAY CUT. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET Hill was so desperate to be in one of Scorsese's films that he offered to be in it for $60, OOO a Screen Actors Guild minimum. CRACKED.COM



BEHIND-THE-SCENES PFACTS STEVEN SPIELBERG HELPED DIRECT DICAPRIO'S ICONIC SPEECH. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET Scorsese says that on the day he was shooting the Steve Madden speech, Spielberg came to the set to say hello. He decided to stay for the whole day and gave suggestions on different camera angles

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS JORDAN BELFORT'S ACTUAL PI PLAYS HIMSELF. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET Belfort's private investigator in the movie was played by Bo Diet - the former head of security and PI for the real-life Belfort. Dietl also had small roles in two other Scorsese productions, Goodfellas and The Irishman.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES PFACTS DONALD TRUMP WANTED TO BE IN THE FILM. THE WOLF OF WALLISTREET Producer Irwin Winkler revealed that Trump paid the production a visit while they were shooting scenes outside of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. He says Trump wanted a role in the film but nothing came of



Jon Bernthal actually punched Jonah Hill. Martin Scorsese was left unsatisfied after several takes with fake punches, so he told Berenthal to try and hit Hill for real. Despite being scared at first, Hill says it ended up being one of his favorite scenes he’s ever acted in.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES PFACTS MARGOT ROBBIE GOT THE ROLE BY SLAPPING DICAPRIO. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET Robbie says that with 30 seconds left on her audition, she realized she had to do something that would impress the casting directors and secure her the role. Instead of kissing DiCaprio as she was

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS HILL TRICKED DICAPRIO INTO POISONING HIMSELF. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET After getting tired of Dicaprio jokingly beating him up on set, Hill decided to get revenge by purposely screwing up takes during a scene where their characters eat sushi SO DiCaprio would be forced to keep eating

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS JONAH HILL PUT A REAL GOLDFISH IN HIS MOUTH. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET Hill says he originally wanted to swallow the goldfish but was forced to drop the idea by PETA. They allowed him to put the fish in his mouth for three seconds at a time



BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS THEY WRECKED A REAL LAMBORGHINI. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET For some reason, instead of using a replica, the production crew decided to use an actual 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach (one of only 658 ever produced) for scenes where Leonardo DiCaprio drives under the influence of drugs.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES PFACTS JORDAN BELFORT IS SUING THE PRODUCTION COMPANY. THE WOLF OF WALLSTREET In 2020, Belfort sued Red Granite Pictures after they were forced to pay $60 million to the U.S. government for their part in the Malaysian financial scandal. Belfort is alleging that the scandal tainted his life story

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES PFACTS HILL GOT SICK FROM DOING TOO MUCH FAKE COKE. THE WOLF OF WALLE SUREET Crushed-up Vitamin D was used as a substitute for cocaine during filming. Turns out, snorting powder of any kind for several months isn't good for you. Jonah Hill ended up with bronchitis for three



BEHIND-THE-SCENESp PFACTS DICAPRIO LEARNED HOW TO ACT HIGH BY WATCHING YOUTUBE. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET DiCaprio says that for scenes where he's high on Quaaludes, he based his performance on the viral The Drunkest Man in the World' YouTube video.

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