15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso was the surprise hit of 2020. While Apple TV+ was throwing hundreds of millions of dollars on shows that nobody ended up caring about, their best show turned out to be a wholesome comedy about an American football coach becoming a manager of an English soccer club.

Here are some interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the show:


BEHIND-THE-SCENESE FACTS OLIVIA WILDE HELPED MAKE THE SHOW A REALITY. #SE HE TED LASSO After Ted Lasso's short-lived commercial debut, Sudeikis didn't really have future plans for the character. He says it was Wilde who told him that he should turn the concept into a TV show.



BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS TED LASSO'S FIRST APPEARANCE WAS IN A COMMERCIAL. NBC CSN BARCLA ports PREMIER TED LASSO Lasso made his first appearance all the way back in 2013. Jason Sudeikis portrayed the character in a series of promos announcing NBC Sports' broadcasting rights for the Premier League.



BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS LASSO'S FAMOUS BISCUITS ARE ACTUALLY PRETTY GROSS. TED LASSO In an interview, Rebecca Hannah Waddingham described the supposedly delicious biscuits as a bit of dried-out sponge that's been left in your bathroom in a tiny pink box and that pretending to like them was her greatest acting job.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS TED LASSO WAS INSPIRED BY JURGEN KLOPP. LACQLA aui Y0 ABA W Gunm MON Theaes TEDLASSO Jason Sudeikis says he partially based the character on Klopp, the head coach of Liverpool F.C., after seeing videos of him taking his players to karaoke.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS BRETT GOLDSTEIN WASN'T SUPPOSED TO ACT IN THE SHOW. TED LASSO DUBAIAJR Goldstein was originally hired as a writer for the show. While writing the show, he realized how much he loved the character of Roy and decided to audition for the role.



BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS ZACH BRAFF DIRECTED AN EPISODE. TED LASSO Braff happened to be in London while the show was being filmed sO executive producer Bill Lawrence (with whom he worked with on Scrubs) invited him to direct an episode. Braff directed Biscuits, the show's second episode.



BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS THE SHOW WILL ONLY HAVE THREE SEASONS. JASON SUDEIKIS TED LASSO tv+ According to co-creator Bill Lawrence, the show will most likely end after the third season largely due to the fact the show is set in London and Jason Sudeikis has to spend a lot of time away



BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS THE SHOW USED A REAL STREET MUSICIAN. TED LASSO The musician Lasso brings in from the street as a replacement for Robbie Williams is Cam Cole - a famous London street performer.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS TED LASSO WAS INFLUENCED BY DONALD TRUMP. TEDLASSO Sudeikis says Trump's poisonous masculinity made him want to present a different, more wholesome, side of masculinity with Lasso.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS THE SHOW USES CRYSTAL PALACE'S STADIUM. NGPOOA LO JDSPORTS.COM LOJDSPORTSLCOM DOJDSPORTS.COM DUDSPORTESCOM OJDSPO TED LASSO Soccer matches played at Richmond's home Nelson Road Stadium are actually filmed at the Selhurst Park Stadium- the stadium of the Premier League's Crystal Palace.



BEHIND-THE-SCENESE FACTS MARCUS MUMFORD DOES THE MUSIC FOR THE SHOW. TED LASSO The Mumford & Sons lead singer became good friends with Jason Sudeikis after the two MeT on SNL. Mumford, who is a big soccer fan, says he couldn't refuse when Sudeikis asked him to do the music for

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS SUDEIKIS LEARNED ABOUT SOCCER BY PLAYING FIFA. TED LASSO AFIFA21 ADRIA Sudeikis admits he knew very little about the sport before doing the show. He says playing the video game with the crew four nights a week helped him get a grasp on it.

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Ted Lasso’s dance should be familiar. Lasso’s celebration dance in the first episode is the same dance Sudeikis used to do during the “What's Up with That?” Saturday Night Live sketches.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS RICHMOND DOESN'T HAVE A SOCCER CLUB. TO NELSON ROAD WELCOME A.EC. RICHMOND OME 2ND IACYO DECKER TED LASSO Although every other soccer club they play against in the show is real, AFC Richmond itself doesn't exist. Richmond is a real place in London, however, their only team is



Jason Sudeikis actually hit his head on the door frame. The scene where Lasso excited jumps and hits his head on the door frame was an accident. Sudeikis cut his head open and had to get his head glued shut