16 Random Facts About, You Know, the World and Stuff

The world is a wonderful place. Are you just gonna keep scrolling on your phone, instead of going out and learning about it ("it" being the world here, not your phone)? Luckily, you don’t have to choose -- with our help, you can do both. We have hand-picked these random facts so you can get to know the world and its history without leaving the safety and comfort of your own home. And if you want to learn even more, just can click on the links to further expand your knowledge.

(Yes, we’re aware that we’re calling the facts both “random” and “hand-picked” at the same time. You’ll have to live with the paradox.)


The U.S. tried to uSe radioactive foxes against Japan during World War II. Vaguely aware of Japanese stories about ghostly foxes, someone had an idea: Dunk foxes in radioactive, glow-in-the-dark paint, and release them in Japan as psychological warfare. The plan was abandoned - -but not before a trial run in

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Conspiracy theorists mistook a guitar pedal for a 5G chip. A TREBLE BA5S DA3 22 220 1223 5G FREQ 10n 2KA4TK In December 2020, an electronic diagram started circulating online in Italy, with conspiracy theorists claiming it was for a 5G chip added to COVID-19 vaccines. It wasn't, though- an

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A sitting senator is responsible for keeping candy for everyone. In 1965, California senator George Murphy began keeping candy in his desk drawer to share with other lawmakers. The practice stuck, and to this day there is a designated Candy Desk. During his tenure as resident candyman, Rick Santorum became

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Domino's Pizza got too many people to get their logo tattooed on them. When Domino's Russian branch offered a lifetime of free pizza to whoever got a tattoo of their logo, they didn't expect many takers. They were wrong. They had to withdraw the promotion early, and were

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