14 Medical Oddities To Give You Nightmares

So there's this disease going around that's killed, oh, millions of people. But as contagious and deadly as this disease, it no longer qualifies as rare or weird. If you're looking for rare and weird instead, feast your eyes on the following! (Warning: May contain some actual eye feasting.)


HICCUPS LASTED THREE YEARS 2010 Chris Sands starred in a documentary about the hiccups, and they diagnosed him with ... a brain tumor He was lucky; without the hiccups, the tumor might have grown undetected and killed him.

Source: BBC


SURFING RIPPED OUT AN EYE GROWTH 2014 CRACKED COM A 61-year-old had a pterygium, fibrous tissue over the eye. He surfed in Hawaii, dipped his face in the water while riding a 30-foot wave, and the water ripped the growth out.

Source: British Medical Journal


A TODDLER DIDN'T SLEEP EVER 2009 Rhett Lamb suffered from a rare condition called chiari malformation, and he never slept, no matter how tired he got. Lucky for him (and his parents), surgery fixed it.

Source: ABC News


A HEART THAT DOES NOT BEAT 2011 CRACKED CO We've had artificial hearts of various designs for decades. But Craig Lewis has a continuous Pump, not a rhythmic one. That means he has no pulse. Turns out you don't need one.

Source: NPR


A GIRL WAS BORN UNABLE TO FEEL PAIN 2018 CRACKED COM Sounds fun? Not really. Gabby Gingras has suffered all kinds of injuries as a result, knocking out her teeth, mangling her fingers, and then losing vision in one eye after knocking her head.

Source: ABC News


A HICKEY GAVE A WOMANA STROKE. 2010 1 mm Days after a make-out session, a 44-year-old Maori woman found her arm getting weaker. Turned out a love bite had icreated a blood clot, which traveled to her head and led to a stroke.

Source: New Zealand Medical Journal


SUDOKU-INDUCED SEIZURES 2015 1 3 9 (o 7 8 A man got trapped in an avalanche, which cut off oxygen for 15 minutes. Afterward, he got a seizure every time he tried Sudoku puzzles. Doctor's advice? Stop doing Sudokus. That worked.

Source: JAMA Neurology


A GULLET SHAPED LIKE A CORKSCREW 2003 A woman didn't know her esophagus was shaped so oddly untill she was 89 and went to the doctor, complaining she burped too much (and her chest hurt, and it hurt to swallow).

Source: New England Journal of Medicine


A GUY'S BLOOD TURNED GREEN 2007 It's called sulhemessulfur and it happens binds to the hemoglobin that carries oxygen in (formerly) red blood cells. The cause for this man: too much migraine medication.

Source: The Lancet


A BABY PREGNANT WITH TWO BABIES 2015 CRACKED.cO COM Technically, they were absorbed siblings, not her children. But doctors were still pretty. freaked out to see the Hong Kong newborn with two fetuses between her liver and kidney.

Source: ABC News


PREGNANT FOR 6O VEARS 2015 CRACKEDcO A Chilean woman carried a fetus for 60 years. Well, a calcified fetus, not a living one. It caused discomfort but was too risky to remove, so doctors told the 91-year-old to just let it be.

Source: CNN


FISH JAWBONE IN THE EYE 2015 Doctors were perplexed to discover this cause of the man's swollen and droopy eyelid. The bone landed there from when he'd collided with a school of fish, swimming in the Red Sea.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine


AN IMPOSTOR IN THE MIRROR. LITERALLYA 2015 With Capgras Syndrome, you think all your loved ones have been replaced by impostors. One Frenchman caught an extreme version: He thought his reflection was a stranger spying on him.

Source: Neurocase


HAIR SPROUTED FROM AN EYE 2013 CRACKED COM It's called limbal dermoids, a type of tumor. One guy had one of these from birth till he got it removed at 19 since it was messing with his vision.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine