11 Simple Rules for Making a Muppet Show

So you want to put on your own Muppet Show?  OK, kid, OK.  But you’re going to have to follow 11 simple rules if you want to get it right.


VIOLENCE IS ENCOURAGED The limitations of rod-controlled arms made it difficult for Miss Piggy to realistically slap Kermit, sO Frank Oz improvised a hi-ya! karate chop. The place fell apart, says writer Jerry Juhl. It was like just instantly you knew you gotta see this again.

Jim Henson: The Biography


SNEAK IN ADULT HUMOR Show plots like Alice Cooper is the Devil and wants to capture Muppet souls and Raquel Welch wants to get busy with Fozzie are fair game. And if Rita Moreno beats up Animal, who's to say he can't like it?



INSULT YOURSELF BEFORE CRITICS GET A CHANCE That was a medium sketch. It wasn't rare and it certainly wasn't well done.



CRANK UP THE SEXUAL TENSION As Frank Oz told Woman magazine: IMiss Piggy]'s had affairs with most of the male Muppets except, of course, Kermit, the one she really wants.



POKE POP CULTURE IN THE EYE CRACKED.COM From Pigs in SpacE to weirdo song covers like the Villiage People's In the Navy, take every opportunity to lampoon popular culture.



NO HUMANS ALLOWED O The hours-long process of filming with Muppets made live studio audiences impossible, though a laugh track sustained the illusion. It was so convincing that fans wrote in requesting tickets for show tapings.

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ONE MAN, MANY MUPPETS Working on the show means you're going to multitask. Jim Henson, for example, was responsible for Kermit the Frog, Waldorf, Swedish Chef, Rowlf, Dr. Teeth, the Newsman, and Link Hogthrob. Among others.

Behind the Voice Actors


BOOK A SPECIAL GUEST Preferably A-list, preferably weird. Alice Cooper? Yep. Elton John? Check. Rudolph Nureyev? You can never have enough Russian ballet stars.



GIVE SPECIAL GUESTS CARTE BLANCHE CRACKEDC Gilda Radner wants to sing opera? Go for it. Rudolph Nureyev wants to be a song-and-dance man? Why not? Muppet Shows are the perfect place to display hidden talents (or lack thereof).



EMBRACE THE BRINK OF DISASTER CRACKED CON Malfunctioning telephones, exploding props, muppet spats and disgruntled guests. The question shouldn't be if the show will be good. Kermit should worry that he'll pull off a show at all.



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