Tell Us Now: 19 Insiders Reveal Which Fast Food to Avoid

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “If you've worked at a fast-food chain, what food from there will you not eat anymore?'” And the responses were absolutely fascinating. Things we've learned: shake machines don't get cleaned nearly enough anywhere, and the only complaint Wendy's employees have is the chili, which you should never eat under any circumstance. Here are more tips from people who've seen things firsthand … 


TELL US NOW. CHILI WENDY'S off Many former employees warned of the chili. Michael M. says, It's literally just old hamburgers ... Also, if there is leftover chili, it's often mixed in with the new batch the following days, and this can happen several days in a row.


TELL US NOW. FILETO-FISH MCDONALD'S David T. shares a story from high school days: Customer: What kind of fish is it? Manager: Ever had a hotdog?


TELL US NOW. SLURPEES 7-ELEVEN ana.u pjc oet AT pagesipy 0 So CHill 1113d Katelyn M. tells US, The machines are never cleaned out, and the one time I popped those suckers open to do a deep clean, the amount of mold in every component and build-up of juices was


TELL US NOW. POPCORN MOVIE THEATERS Julia K. shares, The oil used to pop the corn comes in a giant vat and is used over and over again. It would harden over night so you stick a heating rod in it to melt it back down. Sometimes mice would figure


TELL US NOW. SWEET TEA MCDONALD'S Tyler H. informs US, Every 5 gallon batch of sweet tea required a 5 lb bag of sugar. I can't believe that's even legal.


TELL US NOW. PEPPERONCINIS PAPA JOHN'S Cecilia L. warns, Never eat the pepperoncini peppers that come in the Papa John's boxes. Those get added as the pizzas are getting boxed up which is a very busy space... And people DO NOT USE THE TONGS. So many people just use their


TELL US NOW. TUNA SUBWAY Gabe F. says, Something about emptying a giant can of tuna into a giant tub and blending it, by hand, with mayonnaise from a giant bag just ... changes a person. Joe S. adds, It's about 75% mayonnaise. Also, when I worked there no one wore


TELL US NOW. SLUSHIES DAIRY QUEEN Danica H. says, It's the least bought product so the sugar water just sits there in the tank, and it develops floating mold masses. Staff just scooped the mold out, never replaced the water or cleaned the tank.


TELL US NOW. ANYTHING SONIC SONIC Alison C. warns, Never eat in one! They don't clean anything because the public never see inside, it's all drive-through eat outside. Mold, bugs and vermin... CRACKED.COM


TELL US NOW. SHAKES MCDONALD'S McCafe Jessica V. shares, No one was trained on how to clean that machine out. One time they had me do it. I didn't know what I was doing, but I remember the smell. It was gag-inducing. CRACKED.COM


TELL US NOW. ROAST BEEF ARBY'S Julia F. shares, Before they cook it, it's just meat ielly. Comes in a bag, which it's cooked in to maintain shape. It's so So sO gross. They may have changed it up since 2009 but back then it was disgusting. CRACKED.COM


TELL US NOW. PAN PIZZA PIZZA HUT Tiffany L. tells US, They fill the deep dishes with oil and drop a frozen dough disk into it... then they top it and cook it in all of the oil. While not dirty necessarily, you're literally eating a pan full of oil.


TELL US NOW. SHAKES FIVE GUYS SHAKES Shue GUYS SHAKE A Penny E. says, They never cleaned the machines and never showed me how.


TELL US NOW. ANYTHING PANERA Panera BREAD C Scott B. tells US, I can't say how long the location was open before I got there but no one ever cleaned the mold out from the ice machine or soda fountain nozzles until I was there for a few months, So


TELL US NOW. MCRIB MCDONALD'S Alicia S. tells US, We microwaved the sauce and had to stir it halfway through heating. Simple enough, but, if you weren't prepared, the spices and heat literally burned your eyes and singed nose hairs. CRACKED.COM


TELL US NOW. AMERICAN FOOD MCDONALD'S McDonald's BEE Nadia L. shares, Worked 3.5 years at McDonald's in Germany. Still eat there... McDonald's in the US though? Yeah, better not. That stuff was nasty.


TELL US NOW. SIDES BOSTON MARKET Boston Market OSTON NARKE Roman F. shares, Every side was plastic bag, going into a hot water bath at 175 degrees. CRACKED.COM


TELL US NOW. ANYTHING BOOKSTORE COFFEE SHOPS Amanda H. warns about coffee shops inside bookstores, They aren't managed well, especially when it comes to cleanliness, because the store is overall retail-focused. Maybe some are better than others, but it was pretty disgusting where 0 worked. Especially compared to standalone coffee


TELL US NOW. CHICKEN LEGS KFC Ruben G. shares, A manager tried to get me to cook a box of legs that we had ended up not rotating with new stock correctly. It had obviously spoiled. It had a light green hue, and smelled awful. I flat out refused. I