14 Fascinating Scientific Facts We Learned This Week

We read science news and sorted through all the boring stuff to get to the goods. Science, outside of science class, is pretty fascinating. Here are 14 recent headlines to make you feel smarter…


So, space hurricanes exist Scientists spotted a swirling mass of plasma hundreds of kilometers above the North Pole. Instead of water, it rained electrons.

Source: Science Daily


Money can buy happiness. CRACKEDGO In a study that will surprise no one who has ever been broke, higher earners have more choices and feel more autonomy, leading to an increase in happiness.

Source: Science Daily


Money also can't buy happiness CRACKED CO Making money and economic growth isn't as important as being comfortable, safe, and free to enjoy life within a strong community.

Source: Futurity


We like feminine brand names better. CRACKED Coca-Cola, Nike, and Disney are all examples of linguistically feminine names that are perceived as warmer. Take that, Axe Body Spray.

Source: Science Daily


Scientists can tell drug usage from sewage samples The Netherlands, Australia New Zealand, and the USA (in order) have the highest rates of party drugs use, as determined by wastewater samples.

Source: Science Daily


2020 and 2016 were the warmest years on record CRACKEDcO NASA analysis confirms that the last seven years have been hottest on Earth that we know of, due to the impact of human activities.

Source: Science Daily


Disagreeing uses a lot of your brain In disagreement, you use more brain real estate than in agreement. Don't argue this; it might make your brain hurt.

Source: Science Daily


Atheists are more likely to judge morality based on consequences CRACKED COM Religious people are more likely to support morals that promote group cohesion, like authority. Both groups share morals that protect the vulnerable.

Source: Science Daily


Sleep helps us form lasting memories New research shows that sleep helps us connect specific memories to fear and may hint sleep disruption might be responsible for generalized anxiety.

Source: Science Daily


A bone from 10,150 years ago tells us how dogs got to America The bone was found in Alaska and shows that man's best friend may have traveled with humans from Asia at the end of the Ice Age.

Source: Science News


Eat 3 vegetables and 2 fruits a day to keep death at bay CRACKED CON The American Heart Association recommends this combination for a longer life. Additional servings of veggies/fruits did not see any benefits.

Source: EurekAlert


Cats will stop hunting if they're fed meat-rich diets and played with CRACKEDeO Sick of your cat leaving mice on your pillow? Try playing with them for five minutes a day and making sure they're eating their meat-dense food.

Source: Science Daily


You can tell an animal's personality by how it moves New research shows us that how a fish swims is individual to each fish, and we're one step closer to understanding animals' unique personalities. Any pet owner gets it.

Source: Science Daily


Neanderthals had the ability to communicate with modern humans We knew Neanderthals and humans interbred, but there is new research to support we might have talked with them before we got it on.

Source: ScienceDaily