13 TV Characters Who Changed Without Warning

Good TV characters evolve over time. But others seem to get new personalities out of nowhere. Check out these 13 characters who got overnight persona transplants.


ANDY BERNARD used to be a violent jerk THE OFFICE CRACKED COM Is anger management class really that effective? Angry Andy punches a hole in the wall and gets sent away, only to return as a sweet acapella- singing mensch. That lasts a few seasons before he reverts to a-hole status



NED FLANDERS became the face of Flanderization THE SIMPSONS CRACKED.COM Flanderization: The act of taking a single (often minor) trait of a character and exaggerating it over time until it completely consumes the character, In Ned's case, his genial level-headedness was swallowed by a hyper-focus on his devout Christian faith.



BARNEY STINSON totally changed in one episode HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER CRACKED.COM In the reviled finale, HIMYM unravels its final season with the quickie divorce of Barney and Robin. The notorious womanizer gives up skirt chasing and settles down to fatherhood -- all in a few scenes pinned to the



RANDY MARSH crossdressed his way to stardom SOUTH PARK CRACKED.COM When early South Park focused on the kids, Stan's dad Randy was your generic sitcom dad. That was before he became a chronic masturbator, alchoholic, and hemp farmer. In Season 18, the show revealed he is actually pop star Lorde.



THE FONZ scared the hell out of Mrs. C HAPPY DAYS CRACKED COM In the early Happy Days, the Fonz was a streetwise gang member itching for a rumble. On one occasion, he even threatened Richie with a beat down. A few seasons later, the delinquent dropout was the new shop

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JAN LEVINSON went off the deep end THE OFFICE CRACKED.COM There was a time when Jan Levinson-Gould was Dunder Mifflin's voice of reason.. Could her inexplicable attraction to Michael explain the complete weirdo she became after getting canned in Season 3? Break out the scented candles!



KELLY BUNDY was a smart-ass rebel MARRIED WITH CHILDREN CRACKED COM Watch Season 1 of Married With Children and you might not recognize the normally dressed, rebellious young woman they called Kelly Bundy. By the following year, producers had reduced her IQ by 100 points and her wardrobe by at least

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RACHEL GREEN rose quickly in the fashion world FRIENDS CRACKED COM Season 1's jobless Rachel is greatly dependent on Daddy's credit cards to make ends meet. She somehow makes the transition from inept waitress to international fashion buyer for the world's biggest brands. You'd think she would have been better at



MORK talked like a Munchkin MORK AND MINDY CRACKEDC Mork's first appearance was on Happy Days, speaking in a high-pitched buzz with a body that beeped liked a dial-up modem. The cartoon voice and blooping body parts were gone by the second season of Mork and Mindy.



LESLIE KNOPE was not a fan favorite PARKS AND RECREATION Viewers thought Season 1 Leslie was too wonky and over the top. Her Pawnee coworkers seemed to agree, tolerating her schemes rather than supporting them. As Leslie became savvier and more confident, fans warmed up to the series star.



SHIRLEY FEENEY put major moves on Richie LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY CRACKED COM Shirley debuted on Happy Days as Richie's romantically aggressive date. When Laverne and Shirley spun into its own show, Shirley became much more reserved and even prudish, must to the dismay of her boyfriend, Carmine The Big Ragoo Ragusa.



HOT LIPS HOULIHAN started as the show's villain M*A*S*H CRACKED COM Along with her married boyfriend, the dimbulb Frank Burns, Margaret Houlihan was the frumpy foil to the fun-loving doctors of the 4077th. In latter seasons, she dropped the by-the-book attitude and joined the hi-jinks.

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PEGGY OLSON came a long way, baby MAD MEN CRACKED CON At least Peggy's evolution from mousy secretary to Boss Lady was spread out over several seasons. From the outside, she ends up becoming an almost completely different character by the end of Mad Men. In this case, the growth feels