12 Bonkers News Stories You Might Have Missed

In case you were too busy reading important headlines, you may have missed the most entertaining ones. Reality has the weirdest plot twists.


The next head of NASA could be a politician who said politicians shouldn't run NASA. Former senator Bill Nelson, who once said that the head of NASA ought to be a space professional, not a politician, is trying to use his good relationship with Biden to become the new NASA

Source: Ars Technica


Edvard Munch kind of vandalised his own painting, The scream. The top left corner of the painting has the text Can only have been painted by a madman almost illegibLE. Experts have been debating for decades about who wrote that, and recent research determined that Munch himself did.

Source: CNN


Wild toileting has become a bigger problem in the UK. Durdle Door, where wild toileting is rampant Wild toileting is, simply, doing your business outdoors, and it's been on the rise in Britain due to the lockdown. Public toilets closed, as did cafes and restaurants, leaving nowhere except bushes and

Source: The Guardian


Someone tried to smuggle cocaine in corn flakes. A 44-pound shipment of cereal from South America turned out to have about $2.82 million of cocaine inside, and it got seized by federal agents in Cincinnati.

Source: Cincinnati.com


A tampon got a prison staffer fired. A body scanner at the prison detected the tampon, and guards thought she was trying to smuggle something into the prison. Even a long interrogation didn't get them to change their minds, and she lost her job -sO she's suing. CRACKED.COM

Source: NBC12


Daniel Kaluuya wasn't invited to the premiere of Get Out -his own movie. He played the lead, but for some reason, they never sent him an invite. It's not clear why, but he didn't ask, saying I don't ask questions. You don't wanna be in a place that you

Source: Buzzfeed News


A lesbian love triangle has been terrorizing gyms in Czechia. 122 B For years, a gang of three lesbians Cincluding a policewoman) has been infiltrating gyms and stealing from lockers. The policewoman, who was with love with one of the thieves (but that wasn't reciprocated, as the other two were

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The United States is considering creating a strategic monkey reserve. 1O Specially bred lab monkeys are vital for vaccine research, and they were in short supply during the pandemic. So the idea for an emergency government stockpile of monkeys, just like existing government stockpiles of oil and grain, has been

Source: NYTimes


Viral ice cream challenges led to new laws being enacted in Arizona. SUPE It's now illegal there to lick food or drink and then put it back where other people might buy it o- a direct result of social media challenges where people licked ice cream and then

Source: Phoenix New Times


A seagull stole a Scottish man's tongue. In a bizarre incident on the streets of Edinburgh, a woman ripped out James McKenzie's tongue with her teeth, and it fell to the ground. Then a seagull suddenly showed up and carried it off. CRACKED.COM

Source: Edinburgh News


The Philippines is trying to trade nurses for vaccines. 0 The Philippines caps the number of healthcare workers leaving the country at 5,000 per year, but said the cap could be lifted and thousands of nurses could be sent to Britain and Germany if those countries offered vaccine doses in

Source: Reuters


Porsche gave up on a factory in China because its Chinese buyers don't want cars made there. PORSCHE Jaacs airr ic China is a huge market for Porsche, but the buyers there want cars made in Germany. to them, that's synonymous with quality. So Porsche decided it wouldn't build the

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