15 Bizarre Facts About Iconic Movie Scenes’ Filming Locations

Considering movies use CGI for practically everything, you might think that The Last Jedi’s Crait scenes were just green-screened. Turns out -- nope. Here’s the whole story, plus 14 others:


A scene in The Empire Strikes Back was filmed in George Lucas' backyard. It's the one where the dragonsnake comes out of the bog, and it was shot in the foundation of his swimming pool.

Source: Starwars.com


They tested military hardware at the site where Skyfalr's finale was filmed. The location was Hankley Common in the south of England, and that's where the British army tested a tank designed to smash through walls in WWIl.

Source: 7 Terrifying Places (Where Movies Were Filmed)


Theed Royal Palace in The Phantom Menace was where Nazi Germany surrendered. That's Caserta Palace in Italy, and it's the place where the Allied High Command for the Mediterranean was established in 1943. In 1945, a delegation from Germany signed their country's surrender there.

Source: 7 Terrifying Places (Where Movies Were Filmed)


The Berlin airport in The Last Crusade was actually a radioactive San Francisco island. 1lll BERLIN ELUGHAEEN The man-made Treasure Island was where the U.S. Navy established its Nuclear War Academy which conducted exercises such as spraying a ship with radioactive material, then cleaning it.

Source: 7 Terrifying Places (Where Movies Were Filmed)


The Crait scenes in ThE Last Jedi were shot on the world's largest salt flat. It's called Salar de Uyuni, and it stretches over 086 square miles in Bolivia.

Source: Treehugger.com


A WWIl internment camp used to be right next to Elliot's house in E.T. 17 Tuna Canyon Detention Station, in the suburbs of L.A., held about 500 people from 1941 to 1943 and the E.T. house is basically right next to where it stood.

Source: 7 Terrifying Places (Where Movies Were Filmed)


The house in Malcolm in the Middle was being rented to the production for $3-4,000 per day. The house (used for exterior shots-- interiors were shot by a soundstage) was owned by a doctor, who earned around $100,000 for letting his house be used for exterior shots.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th is real Ckind of), and you can go there. Camp NOREFOSCO TO WELCOME CAMP CRYSTALLAKE Those scenes were shot at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, a Boy Scouts camp in New Jersey that's still active today.

Source: SlashFilm


A bunch of Elf scenes were shot in an abandoned mental institution. TTTE The Riverview Hospital in British Columbia, Canada was used for Greenway Press, the orphanage, and the Hobbs' apartment.

Source: Comicbook.com


Training Day was shot on location in some of the most dangerous parts of L.A. At first, they weren't supposed to be shooting in some of them for safety reasons, but the residents then allowed them to come and shooto- -they wanted the work they could get thanks to the

Source: Kingroom


Kingsman's tailor shop scenes are filmed at a real tailor shop. It's called Huntsman & Sons, and it inspired the franchise at an appointment there, creator Matthew Vaughn got the idea for a place like that being a spy headquarters. CRACKED.COM

Source: Huntsman


The King's Speech was shot at the same place as gay porn. The scenes in Lionel Logue's office were filmed in 33 Portland Place, London, in 2009- just a year after gay porno Snookered was shot at the same address, in the same room.

Source: Movieline