First Episode Vs. Last Episode: 15 Plot Lines TV Shows Simply Abandoned

We get it. Writing TV shows can be a complex and difficult job. There are tons of different storylines happening at the same time and not all of them can always turn out great. However, pretending a storyline never even happened because you don't know how to resolve it is another thing entirely. 

Would it be that hard to simply put one throwaway line that would explain why a certain plot line was abandoned? Well, the answer is yes, according to these 15 TV shows:


CRACKEDC POKEMON WHAT'S IN THE GS BALL? FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In episode 83, After dozens of Ash obtains the GS episodes featuring the Ball - an unopenable gang trying to open it, Poke Ball whose the ball is left with contents Kurt and are never mystery. mentioned again. a



CRACKED.c THE WALKING DEAD WHAT HAPPENED TO HEATH? FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE Ppp In season seven, Heath The actor wanted to suddenly disappears pursue other jobs but and the the finds show never group his explained what PPP broken glasses and a meant or what mysterious card with happened to



CRACKEDCO THE OFFICE WHAT WAS THE POINT OF BRIAN? FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The 12th episode of Six episodes season nine introduces later, Pam and Brian - a boom operator Jim reconcile and who is in love with Pam Brian disappears and comforts her during from the face of her marital



CRACKEDCO STRANGER THINGS ELEVEN'S SUPERPOWERED FRIENDS. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In season two episode At the end of the The Lost Sister, episode, Eleven parts Eleven finds with a group ways the group and of people with psychic we never see them again. The fact that there abilities that all



CRACKEDO SCHITT'S CREEK THE ROSES OWN THE TOWN. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The first season of the As the show went on, show largely focuses this plan slowly on the Rose family started to go away. trying to sell their last The fact that they still piece of property- own


CRACKEDc SOUTH PARK THE CLINTON STORYLINE. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE Both suddenly disappeared after The main storyline of episode seven. Trey season 20 heavily Parker and Matt Stone forced both to involved drop Bill were the storyline because Trump and Hillary Clinton. won the election - something they didn't expect to

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CRACKEDco MODERN FAMILY PHIL'S MAGIC SHOP. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE ZOLTIN R NCe In season nine, In season ten, Phil is Claire makes unemployed before Phil's dream come getting a job at Luke's true by buying college. His magic shop is him never seen or a magic shop. brought up



CRACKED C COMMUNITY WHERE DID ABED'S GIRLFRIEND GO? FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE After Abed hits it Despite them off with Rachel in getting serious, Rachel episode eight of season disappears again after four, she disappears only being back for from the show. She two reappears episodes, and no a season later



CRACKEDGO LOST WHO WAS SHOOTING AT SAWYER'S GROUP? FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In the season five We never find out who episode The Little the attackers were. Prince, Sawyer and Their identities were his group get shot supposed to be revealed in season six, at by unknown however, Damon Lindelof



CRACKED HEROES WHAT HAPPENED TO CAITLIN? FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In season two, Peter After getting back to accidentally leaves the present, Peter his girlfriend in never attempts to an alternate future rescue Caitlin and the character is after his powers never brought go haywire. up again.

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CRACKED TRUE BLOOD THE WEREPANTHERS. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE Early in season four, After Jason escapes a Jason is imprisoned few episodes later, and raped by several the werepanthers werepanthers who (and his potential want to get offspring) never impregnated are mentioned again. by him.

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CRACKEDC GAME OF THRONES THE MASKED WOMAN. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In season two, Despite an seeming enigmatic important (and woman having named Quaithe a bigger role in the books), the wams Daenerys and character is never Jorah of upcoming explained or talked dangers. about again.



CRACKED.c FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS LANDRY KILLED A GUY. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In season two, Landry Due to negative fan kills a man who was reaction, the whole trying to rape Tyra, subplot is of never and much the mentioned season revolves again around them trying in subsequent to cover


CRACKED.c BREAKING BAD MARIE'S KLEPTOMANIA. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The first three seasons It didn't. After the focus a lot of time on third season, Marie's Marie's shoplifting problem suddenly issues, making it went like the subplot away and seems would eventually lead wasn't referenced to something. ever again.


CRACKED.CO DEXTER DEXTER AND DEB'S WEIRD ROMANCE. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In six, After fan backlash, season season seven quickly Deb starts having pulled an Uno reverse romantic feelings card on the storyline by having Deb find out for Dexter, her Dexter is a serial killer adoptive brother. and never