13 Awful Final Performances by Actors Who Deserved Better

What if your worst day at work is your last day at work? Here are 13 iconic actors who delivered less-than-their-best in their final screen performances.


Like his idol Belushi, CHRIS FARLEY made his last film at 33. ALMOST HEROES Farley vowed to get away from what he called fatty fall down' parts. Unfortunately, Bartholomew Hunt is exactly that kind of role - -overweight, drunk, and prone to falling on his face.

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ROBIN WILLIAMS' last role was a leg-humping dog. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING CRAGKEDCOM Critics lamented Williams lending his talents to a comedy that looks like mediocre kids' TV with a dismal script. Unfortunately, his last words on screen were mostly related to dog treats and shagging.

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JACK NICHOLSON hasn't acted since 2010. HOW DO YOU KNOW CRACKED COM From Terms of Endearment to As Good, as It Gets, Nicholson has made amazing movies with James L. Brooks. Unfortunately, How Do You Know isn't one of them and he hasn't acted since.

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JOHN BELUSHI played it straight in his last role. NEIGHBORS CRACKED COM The screenplay featured parts written specifically for Belushi and Ackroyd. But the two actors decided to flip roles, with Ackroyd playing the out-of- control neighbor from hell. Audiences didn't buy it and the flick flopped.



MAE WEST was vamping it up until the very end. SEXTETTE CRACKED CON Leave it to Mae West to play a sex symbol at 85. She spent her last hurrah bedding a pre-Bond Timothy Dalton and singing a terrible cover of Love Will Keep Us Together.

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PETER SELLERS was inot woke for his last movie. FIENDISH PLOT OF DR. FU MANCHU 74D Sellers plays five roles, almost all based on ethnic stereotypes that were problematic even in 1980. Fu Manchu searches for eternal life in the movie, poignant considering Sellers' death shortly after filming.



RAUL JULIA in a video game movie was Game Over. STREET FIGHTER: THE MOVIE Producers didn't know Julia was losing a battle to stomach cancer. while filming Street Fighter. He took the role because his kids were huge fans of the game. (And because they paid him a mint.)

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JOHN CANDY feared a heart attack like his dad's. WAGONS EAST According. to Candy's kids, Wagons was his least enjoyable experience. .making a movie. Fellow actors said he looked SO tired. He died in his sleep of a heart attack after a day of filming.

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GROUCHO MARX said his last film was 'God-awful.' SKIDOO CRACKED cOM Groucho regretted taking the role, saying he looked embalmed onscreen. Chemicals were involved, as director Otto Preminger wrote Skidoo after experimenting with LSD.



GENE KELLY made a final film that launched the Razzies. XANADU CRACKED COM Somehow, Kelly's Xanadu was bad enough to help inspire the awards for the worst movies but not bad enough to win the dang thing. Congrats, Can't Stop the Music!

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ELIZABETH TAYLOR ended her career as a cartoon mom. THE FLINTSTONES CRACKED CO Appearing as a caricature of her once glamorous self, Taylor battled Fred Flintstone as his battle-axe mother-in-law. Likely not the last performance she wanted inscribed on her, er, tombstone.

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BELA LUGOSI saved the all-time worst for last. PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE Lugosi actually filmed scenes, for The Vampire's Tomb, another Ed Wood opus that was just underway. After Bela's untimely death, Wood decided to recycle the vampire footage into Plan 9.

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CHRISTOPHER REEVE evoked Jimmy Stewart in his last role. REAR WINDOW The unnecessary. remake focused on medical issues instead of mystery, robbing viewers of the original's suspense and claustrophobia. It was Reeve's first post-accident role, and unfortunately, his last.

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