13 Boy Band Updates, 90s And 00s Edition

In the late 90s and early 2000s, boy bands ruled TRL. If you weren't part of the Golden Era of the boy band craze, you're lying; ‘I Want It That Way’ is a total bop. But, aside from Justin Timberlake and Harry Styles, you probably can't think of what a single boy band member is up to these days. Let's fix that.


Dreamstreet CRACKED COM Jesse McCartney rose to solo fame with Beautiful Soul. Chris Trousdale died in 2020 at 34-years-old due to coronavirus.

Source: New York Times


Hanson CRACKED The band maintains a cult-like following but received backlash after their lackluster response to Black Lives Matter. Fans discovered Zac Hanson had a racist, sexist, and transphobic Pinterest.

Source: VICE


Backstreet Boys RADIC WIC aas CCC BSB never broke up. Brian Littrell is on Parler and may believe in QAnon. Nick Carter was accused of rape by Melissa Schuman of the girlband Dream.

Source: Vulture and CNN


LFO ERFCUTONE BE Fate hasn't been kind to LFO, best known for Summer Girls. Rich Cronin died at 36 due to leukemia, and Devin Lima died at 41 due to adrenal cancer.

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All-4 A The I Swear group never broke up and continues to create music. There's no notable solo pursuits, but, hey, they've accomplished more than any of us with just one hit.

Source: Rolling Stone


5ive You might know the group from When the Lights Go Out. They split up in 2001 but are still together as a 3-piece, still keeping their name.

Source: Teen Vogue


The Jonas Brothers After breaking up in 2010, the youngest Jo' Bros got married to high-profile celebs then re-united to put out another #1 hit, Sucker.


Westlife CRACKED OOM The Irish boy band reunited in 2018, with a planned 2020 tour currently on pause. Kian Egan, Brian Mcfadden, and Nicky Byrne have all had various UK hosting/reality show gigs.


Savage Garden Both band members have stepped away from the music business. They have been adament they won't reunite. Darren Hayes was involved at Groundlings Improv.

Source: ToneDeaf


98 Degrees Nick Lachey found fame with his then-wif Jessica Simpson. He now cohosts Love Is Blind with his now-wife Vanessa Lachey. The group has repeatedly re-united for events.


Boyz I Men The multi-platinum group still performs together, but without Michael McCary, who has said it's due to scoliosis but might be due to his inconsistency as a coworker.

Source: HuffPost


New Kids on the Block CRACKED.co Joey Mclntyre had a solo career and several Broadway roles. NKOTB and Backstreet Boys formed the super group NKOTBSB in 2011.


O-Town CRACKED COM The boy band reunited without the most recognizable face of Ashley Parker Angel. They had planned to tour with the final member of LFO when COVID hit.