15 Bonkers Ways Actors Prepped For Famous Movies

Truly, dedication is watching the same clip 1,500 times in a row, presumably to the point where you memorize the color of individual pixels. That’s what Rami Malek would probably say, anyway. Here are the full details of that story and 14 others:


Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling basically lived out a fake relationship for Blue Valentine. They lived in the same house their characters lived for a month, celebrated Christmas there, made home movies, and also (at the director's request) had a ton of fights. CRACKED.COM

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Nicolas Cage rode around with real-life paramedics for multiple nights in Bringing Out the Dead. He did that in both NYC and Los Angeles, and even helped them with things like putting an oxygen mask on a patient. CRACKED.COM

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James Franco went from not smoking to doing two packs a day for the James Dean biopic. Which was filmed for TV, so that was some pretty serious dedication for a role almost nobody would see.

Source:  The 5 Craziest Ways Famous Actors Got Into Character (Pt. 2)


Jamie Foxx tried gluing his eyelids shut to play Ray Charles. But soon he went You gotta get me soap, this is not gonna work, and they decided to go with prosthetics.

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Adrien Brody spent hours in a sensory deprivation chamber for The Jacket. Being in one for just 15 minutes can cause hallucination and depression but he'd stay inside for two hours at a time.

Source:  The 5 Craziest Ways Famous Actors Got Into Character (Pt. 2)


Renee Zellweger worked as a publicist at a publishing house for Bridget Jones' Diary. It was at Picador, the same company that published the books, and she was there for three weeks under the name Bridget Cavendish. She was so good, they wanted to hire full-time.

Source: The Globe and Mail


TO get ready to play Rust cohle in True Detective, Matthew Mcconaughey wrote a 450 -page document. BIG NUG UG He called it a 450-page graph of where Cohle was and where he was coming from. CRACKED.COM

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Daniel Day-Lewis walked around NYC in 19th-century-style clothing for two months to prep for The Age of Innocence.

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Silence of the Lambs' Scott Glenn got nightmares from prep for the movie. FIFTH For his role as agent Jack Crawford, He had to watch FBI tapes of serial killers torturing their victims. After a week of that, he told the real FBI agent that he was working with, I

Source: Baltimore Sun


TO get ready for Leaving Las Vegas, Nic Cage went on a two-week drinking binge. He did it all in a hotel room, and he had a friend film him. Later, when he sobered up, he watched the footage for research. CRACKED.COM

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Rami Malek watched a Queen concert about 1,500 times for Bohemian Rhapsody. It was their Live Aid performance, and they tried to copy it exactly move for move, even just gesture for gesture perfectly, he said. CRACKED.COM

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Charlie Sheen took steroids for Wild Thing. 2 DIA He did it for six to eight weeks or so, and it made his fastball go Up from about 79 to 85.

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Shia LaBeouf pulled out a tooth and cut his face in front of the other actors in Fury. That was just so he could look more like a grizzled soldiers, but it disgusted the other actors so much that he got moved to a separate B&B until filming ended. CRACKED.COM

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