15 Eyebrow-Arching Early Jobs Of Celebs

In an alternate universe, Matthew McConaughey starred in Titanic, while Leonardo DiCaprio carved out a niche as a great breakdancer. Here are more details on that and another 14 stories:


Ed O'Neill played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They had signed him up right out of college, but he didn't last too long- it was too different from his college teams, and they just couldn't find the right place for him. CRACKED.COM

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Robert Durst was a camp counselor in the '60s. His serial killer tendencies surfaced only later, and apparently he didn't do anything awful to the kids under his care the worst thing was shaking them awake to give them ice cream that he'd smuggled into the camp. CRACKED.COM

Source: Prince Could Ball! 7 Unexpected Pre-Fame Lives (RIP Prince)


Jon Hamm was a set dresser on a softcore porn movie. Everybody on that movie was dealing with some kind of personal tragedy, and Hamm called that the most depressing time in his life. CRACKED.COM

Source: Prince Could Ball! 7 Unexpected Pre-Fame Lives (RIP Prince)


Will Ferrell was a (terrible) hotel valet. On his second day, he tore a luggage rack off a van by driving into a parking garage that had a low ceiling. Miraculously, they didn't fire him. CRACKED.COM

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Chris Pratt used to be a stripper. Besides bachelorette parties, he even performed at his friend's grandma's birthday party Che only stripped to his boxers). CRACKED.COM

Source: Prince Could Ball! 7 Unexpected Pre-Fame Lives (RIP Prince)


Johnny Depp started out as a ballpoint pen salesman. SISUN He considers it his first acting role, but he was really bad at it, because he couldn't lie to people about the dreck he was actually trying to sell. When his boss was out of earshot, he'd say, Listen, don't

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Hulk Hogan played in several rock bands. GFIHITITIE Before he got into wrestling, he spent 10 years in the rock scene Che played guitar and fretless bass).

Source: Prince Could Ball! 7 Unexpected Pre-Fame Lives (RIP Prince)


Before Star Trek, Gates McFadden choreographed David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. McFadden CAKA Beverly Crusher) did the choreography for Labyrinth- SO, for example, she got to create the dream sequence Bowie and Connelly dance. CRACKED.COM

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Lou Reed worked as a typist in his dad's accounting firm. Iim One day in 1970, he quit the Velvet Underground right after a gig, and his parents picked him up and drove him home. He stayed there, and joined his dad's company a few months later. CRACKED.COM

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Orson Welles illustrated a series of Shakespeare books. It was called Everybody's Shakespeare, and it was written for high school classes, with illustrations (by Welles) based on famous actors.

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Lance Henriksen used to paint murals on walls and in taverns. Before he got into acting, he lived in Europe (when he wasn't working as a seaman on freighters) and made a living as a muralist. He'd paint murals in exchange for room and board (and sometimes he couldn't afford

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Before he started acting, Joe Pesci was a lounge singer. LITTLE JOE n Sruns EEO SLRE CA SInG! In 1968, he released the album Little Joe Sure Can Sing!

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Leonardo DiCaprio used to be a breakdancer. here's only one eonardo DiCaprio apped UD at the seashore by ruce Weber He wore crazy haircuts at the time, too, and he thinks they were the reason Hollywood agents kept turning him down when he was trying to break into acting.

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