13 Interesting Facts About Science, Movies, History, And More

Did you know the EDM scene owes a spiritual debt to 1995’s Mortal Kombat movie? No? Well, let us tell you about that and 12 more stories ...


The City of Calgary uses goats to fight weeds. ii They began using goats in 2016 and just kept going - in 2020, there were three different goat herds operating in the city, according to Calgary Parks. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: Toronto Star


The UK dumped about 1.17 million tons of weapons in a deep sea trench. The sea above Beaufort Dyke They kept dumping both conventional and chemical weapons from the '20s to the '70s into Beaufort Dyke, which has caused underwater explosions over the years. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: Irish Times


The Great Wall of China is partly made of rice. Fr The builders added sticky rice to the mortar, which made the Wall more stable and helped protect it against earthquakes and exposure to the elements. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: Smithsonian Magazine


Ancient Egyptians revered beer. They drank it daily and at religious rituals, and gave it divine status. The goddess Hathor was called, among other things, The Lady of Drunkenness. Even laborers, including those who built the pyramids, got a ration of over 10 pints of beer a day. NOW YOU

Source: The British Museum


Madame Tussaud made death masks for people executed in the French Revolution. The death masks were made using heads cut by the guillotine -- and, to make things much worse, they were often her friends (she used to be the king's sister's art tutor). NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

Source: Britannica.com


Germany lost WWIl partly because Hitler slept in late. His underlings were told not to wake him up no matter WHAt, and he slept until 11 or noon on D-Day. And even after he got up, he was sure the D-Day assault was just a diversion, so he didn't send

Source: History.com


Matthew Perry got Julia Roberts to guest-star in Friends by writing a paper on quantum physics. Perry asked her to come on the show, and she said she'd do it only if he wrote her a paper on quantum physics. Apparently, a day later, he wrote one and faxed it

Source: NME


The Mandalorian literally couldn't have been made without fans. The crew ran out of Stormtrooper costumes for a Season 1 scene, SO they got in touch with the local members of the 501st legion, a group of fans who wear and make super-accurate Stormtrooper costumes. The legionnaires showed up, in

Source: CBR


As a young man, Samuel L. Jackson had to run from Atlanta for his life. In 1969, he was buying guns because he was sure there'd be a revolution, and somebody from the FBI came to his mom and told her to get him out of Atlanta so he doesn't

Source: Hollywood Reporter


Muppets started the trend of post-credits scenes. fi 1979's The Muppets Movie kickstarted the trend in the '80s, which Ferris Bueller's Day Off was a part of and Ferris inspired the credits scenes in the MCU. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: Vulture


The first-ever EDM record to go platinum was the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. The filmmakers absolutely insisted on EDM, and got booted from two record companies for it but it paid off. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: Hollywood Reporter


There is one recorded case of men on horseback capturing a naval fleet. In the Battle of Texel in January 1795, a fleet of 14 Dutch ships was trapped in ice near Texel Island. The French heard of that and sent infantry, cavalry, and horse artillery forces to capture them.

Source: Smithsonian Magazine


If one kidney is removed, the other one will start growing. It does that to pick up the slack from the removed kidney, which enables the affected person to lead a normal life. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: National Kidney Foundation