12 Bizarre, Recent Headlines That Are 100% Real

You’d think that you can always claim back money you wired by mistake, but apparently not -- especially if you’re a giant bank, it turns out. We’ve got more detail on that and another 11 stories here:


Citibank accidentally sent $500 million and can't get it back. Citibank was supposed to send $8 million to lenders to the cosmetics company Revlon (Citibank was its loan agents), but sent around $900 million by mistake. It got about $400 million back and sued for the resto. but based on

Source: CNN


A British criminal turned himself in for peace and quiet. E Burgess Hill He was so fed up with the people he was living with, he called the Burgess Hill police and said he was going to turn himself in at a police station and go back to prison.

Source: West Sussex County Times


GoFundMe's CEO had to write an op-ed to say they can't do the government's job. Tim Cadogan's op-ed in USA Today says that GoFundme was never meant to be a source of support for basic needs, and it can't replace federal pandemic relief.

Source: USAToday


France made it legal to eat lunch at your desk at work. The French consider lunch so important, employers used to be forbidden from letting employees eat meals at the workplace. Because of the pandemic, that no longer applies to offices with over 50 people and a cafeteria layout that

Source: CNN


30 Taliban blew themselves up in bomb-making class. The class was being held at a mosque in an Afghan village, and included six foreign nationals (who were considered experts and were teaching the others, apparently).

Source: NZHerald


A Texas mayor called the people in his town lazy and weak, then quit. Tim Boyd, who used to be mayor of Colorado City, Texas, wrote a post saying the strong will survive and the weak will perish' and utility services owe them nothing. Not long after, the post was

Source: KVIA


Japan's governing party decided to invite women to key meetings, as long as they don't talk. BR The Liberal Democratic Party is going to invite female lawmakers to board meetings (which are all-male), but won't let them talk. They'll be able to submit opinions after the meeting, though.

Source: BBC


A Japanese court ruled that a school can request that students dye their hair. t In 2016, an Osaka Prefecture school told a student she had to dye her hair black for breaking school rules. She refused and eventually stopped attending class, so she sued for damages for mental distress

Source: Japan Times


Beverly Hills cops play music when they're being filmed, to keep the video from spreading. @alwaysfilmthepolice If the clip has licensed music and gets posted on a platform like YouTube, it'll get taken down on copyright grounds, the thinking (apparently) goes.

Source: Police1


A Ukrainian tried to get the cops to clear snow from the road leading to his house. (Not the same road) He called the police and said he'd just committed a murder, and said the only way they could get to him was with a snowplow. They made it just

Source: The Guardian


Amazon changed the timing of a traffic light to make it harder for workers to unionize. Pro-union workers at an Alabama warehouse would talk to other workers about the benefits of forming a union while waiting at a red light. So Amazon had the traffic light changed so the green

Source: The Verge


Jamaica is running out of weed. Bast atne A combination of heavy rains and drought ruined marijuana fields, and a pandemic curfew that left farmers unable to tend to their fields made things even worse. Plus, looser marijuana laws and rising demand due to the pandemic have made ganja even

Source: LA Times