16 Random Facts to Keep Your Brain Busy

Have you ever heard our slogan, “Cracked: It comes fact-packed”? No, of course you haven’t -- we just made it up. What we didn’t make up, though, is the high-quality info in this fact-pack (yes, we’re determined to make that a thing). Browse them at your leisure, feel the knowledge soak your brain, and if you’re still curious, just click the links for more detail. (We’ll be around meanwhile, just pitching our new slogan to the site’s higher-ups.)


Deadpool got so popular because he bombed at first. The irreverent zaniness that made the Merc with a Mouth successful was made possible by the higher-ups not giving a damn about the comic. We could do anything we wanted, writer Joe Kelly said. because everybody just expected the book

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Camel barbers are a thing in Pakistan. Every year, the Pakistani city of Karachi hosts a huge cattle market. Some traders, trying to have their camels stand out from the crowd, hire amateur stylists to cut intricate patterns in the hair of their humped beasts. CRACKED COM

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Cops was literal police propaganda. Cops always purported to show the rough, gritty reality of police work- but behind the scenes, cops themselves ran the show for their own PR. Police departments had to okay everything that was aired, and had a say on the final cut of each episode.

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Dead Space is based on a golf game. Killing alien monsters is as different from hitting a ball with a club as anything can be-and yet, the video game Dead Space is a branch off of EA'S Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Rather than making the game from scratch, the developers

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Movies keep lying to you about defibrillators. No matter how many movies you see where flatlining patients are shocked back to life- defibrillators just don't work that way. What they do is restore normal function to a heart during certain types of cardiac arrest they can't start a stopped

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All frogs can glow in the dark. Researchers at the St. Cloud State University were quite shocked to find that every amphibian species they studied showed biofluorescence (the ability to absorb and re-emit light). According to their report, the results of their first test were met with a collective

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