15 Stars Who Pushed to Get Things Done Their Way (And Succeeded)

When you’re a star (or at least the star of the show), you don’t need to content yourself with doing what you’re told. If you don’t like your lines, your character’s pants, or whatever, you don’t have to put up with it -- you can flex your clout and get that shit changed. Of course, this power has to be wielded responsibly -- as Spider-Man says, the higher you climb a wall, the harder you fall (or something, we’re not sure). Just check out these examples, and see all the ways this scenario can play out.


CRACKED COM The Mummy Tom Cruise made the movie about himself. Cruise took complete creative control, making his own part bigger, to the detriment of the titular mummy. Also, turning his character into the mummy at the end? That was his idea, too.

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New York, New Yark Robert De Niro caused the movie's iconic theme to exist. New York City owes its unofficial anthem to De Niro's meddling. He found the intended song too weak, and pretty much embarrassed director Martin Scorsese into requesting: a new one.

Source: The New York Times


Air Force Dne Glenn Close wouldn't cry. Vice President Bennett was scripted to have a breakdown and cry- but Close said no to that. I thought we'd be doing women a disfavor if we had that cliche, she has said.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Cool World Kim Basinger made the movie PG-13. Director Ralph Bakshi was already unhappy with his horror script being rewritten- and then (according to him) Basinger said that she wanted the movie to be shown to sick children in hospitals, and the producer sided with her.

Source: IGN FilmForce (through archive.org)


Batman/ The Green Hornet Bruce Lee refused to lose to Robin. During a show crossover, Burt Ward's Robin was supposed to kick Kato's ass - acompletely ridiculous outcome, which pissed Lee off. As a compromise, the fight ended in a draw instead.

Source: Screen Rant


Star Wars Harrison Ford saved Han Solo from looking goofy AF Han is a e-collar character- maybe that's why his original outfit included a literal blue Peter Pan collar. Luckily, Ford stood his ground and refused to wear that silly crap. CRACKED.COM

Source: Rolling Stone


Shrek Mike Myers insisted on re-doing all his lines. Myers had already done his job, when he decided that Shrek should have a Scottish accent. DreamWorks obliged, and Myers re-recorded his dialogue- - at a total cost of $4 million.

Source: CBR


Scooby-Doo Casey Kasem made Shaggy a vegetarian. Kasem, an avowed vegetarian, quit voicing Shaggy when he was asked to play him for a Burger King commercial. He only agreed to return to the role if Shaggy was made a veggie as well.

Source: ThinkProgress


Star Trek: The Next Ceneration Patrick Stewart got Captain Picard laid. Stewart kept complaining that Picard never got any f-ing and f-ing (fighting and fornicating) - so they gave him the Season 3 episode Captain's Holiday, where he engages in both.

Source: Memory Alpha