15 Life Hacks To Help You Beat The Odds

Some would have you believe that being lucky is just a matter of chance. Those people have clearly never wanted to be Jedi Masters. And, well, it turns out you can come pretty close to being one.

Or a Sith Lord. We won't begrudge your dark desires, you saucy thing. Anyway, on with the mind tricks!


ROCK PAPER SCISSORS GRACKEDCON After losing a round, pick the move that would beat your opponent's last move. After winning a round, pick either, of the two moves that you didn't just use. (Obviously, this strategy doesn't work if both players know it.)

Source: Nature


CLAW MACHINES 000 CRACKEDICON Many claw machines are rigged. The claw lets go or grabs too weakly, and the manual tells the owner how to configure this. So, when you see someone succeed a couple times, give that machine a try. It's likely fairer than most.

Source: Vox


MULTIPLE CHOICE TESTS O ouo MC 4o CRAGKEDCON There's an art to learning how to eliminate unlikely choices even when you don't know the answer. But if you really want a single simple tip: When in doubt, pick C. That'll increase your chances over picking randomly.

Source: Center for Teaching Excellence


SHOOTING STARS CRACKED.COM Wish on a shooting star, and you can get anything you want. Your best chance of seeing one? Wait for the new moon, drive out of the city, and look between midnight and dawn. And, of course, chances go up when you know of a meteor shower

Source: Royal Museums Greenwich


ROLLING DICE Start with the numbers you want on top. This improves your chances because of the way dice roll. If the casino catches you, they can ask you to leave, but this technique counts as advantage play and is not against the law.

Source: Journal of Nonlinear Science


A PLANE CRASHES If your plane crashes, the safest place for you to be sitting is in the back, and in the middle of the row. Warning: sitting in the back and in the middle does not protect you against getting sick, the more likely threat.

Source: Time


PARKING CRACKEDCO COM Back into parking spaces, instead of driving straight in. It's no harder (drive straight in, and yOu just delay the backing out part till you leave), but it reduces your chance of hitting something ... or someone.

Source: AAA


FOUL BALLS You'll probably never catch a foul ball, but you can increase your chances by sitting in the right spot. This spot varies from park to park An app called ldealseat tracks these locations for you.

Source: Time


RAFFLES Want to win a hand-drawn raffle, and have no morals? Slightly crumple your slip. This increases its volume and increases the chance that it'll get picked out.

Source: Tough Nickle


MONOPOLY @1The 2 Orange #3 Light Blue Railroads Properties Properties OUNC 1A INCOME O ALLS TAX Oy CCRRCNOR ERON al ALNC ON AONS M OD.CON CRACKEDCO Based on the chance your opponent will land there, some properties are more valuable than their dollar amount suggests. Your top priority should

Source: Truman Collins


CAR ACCIDENTS an 00 BE BE CRACKEDco You're more likely to get into an accident driving a black car than a white car. A black paint job is simply less visible at night. One analysis found black cars to be almost one and half times as accident-prone.

Source: Monash University


CAR THEFT CRACKEDCO Yellow cars are the least likely to be stolen. Thieves want cars with a high resale value. They also want cars that blend in, which is why red cars are less likely to be stolen than you might expect.

Source: NPR


CAR. POOP? 0.0 A red car is most likely to get pooped on by birds. We don't know why; to find out, you'll have to ask a bird. White and gray are safer colors, while the best color for deterring birds is green.

Source: Halfords


CONCEIVING A BABY A Dutch study says you can increase the chance of having a girl by eating more magnesium foods (spinach) and less potassium (bacon). Or, drop this dubious strategy after a week When you realize you don't really care either way.

Source: Reproductive BioMedicine


ROULETTE LErI L 5 326 97 O E CRAGKEDCO Bet it all on black. You can't lose! Unless the ball lands on red, that is. Or lands on zero. Uh, on second thought, how about you just stay away from the roulette table? The house always wins.

Source: Atlantic City Weekly