11 Comics That Lost Their Cool

At some point in their careers, the 11 comics on this list represented cool in comedy.  While some are more successful than others, all seem to have lost the comedy cred they once enjoyed.


TOM GREEN Look, if you went through a public divorce from Drew Barrymore, made a movie (Freddy Got Fingered) that received multiple Razzies, got testicular cancer, and your freaking house burned down, maybe your career would have taken a downturn too.

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LOUIS C.K. Louis C.K.'s fall is well known-. a series of creepy episodes with female comics, followed by a quiet (some would say disgraced) return to stand-up. Jokes about being ostracized, for now, are part of the act. He's stil touring, but in Romania and the Ukraine.

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JIMMY FALLON When did Jimmy fall off the Cool List? A. When old SNL blackface skits turned up online B. When he ruffled Donald Trump's hair C. When he fake-laughed his way through another celebrity interview D. All of the above

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JAY LENO CRACKED COM Believe it or not, there was a time when Leno was the hippest guest on Late Night with David Letterman. Jay used the Tonight Show to not only stab Dave in the back but to transform from edgy comic into NBC's go-to corporate shill.

Consequences of Sound


DENNIS MILLER 28 yr old-Phi Beta Kapr e actress/mnodel. Seeks famous mnan. Smokers emnocrats need not applys CRACKED.COM Whatever his personal politics were, early Dennis Miller delighted in skewering both sides of the aisle. Somewhere between Monday Night Football and 9/11, he made the shift to partisan punditry and never



DANIEL TOSH Comedy Central cancelled Tosh.o in August, just months after renewing it for four years. Maybe that was part of cC's push to animation, but a history of jokes about rape and his own suicide haven't helped the man Lena Dunham called the biggest misogynist in Hollywood.

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DANE COOK With platinum albums and SNL hosting gigs, Cook was on top of the comedy world - until he wasn't. What happened? Other comics weren't nuts about him, there were accusations of joke theft, he started dating a 19-year-old. Add them up and they still don't explain the massive

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CARLOS MENCIA From South Park to George Lopez to Bill Cosby to Joe Rogan, has any comic outside of Milton Berle been accused of stealing more jokes? It's clear that much of his material didn't originate from The Mind of Mencia. Or as Rogan calls him, Men-Steal-ia.

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ANDREW DICE CLAY CRACKED COM From the first comic to sell out Madison Square Garden for two straight nights to no TV gigs and money problems, DicE fell hard and fast. In 2021, nursery rhymes about your Hickory Dickory Dock are more likely to get a comic on a change.org petition



AMY SCHUMER CRACKED.COM Between Inside Amy Schumer and Trainwreck, her career was in the But some movie choices (Snatched and I Feel Pretty, for starters) have dimmed her star. Help, Judd Apatow!

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ADAM SANDLER ORACKED CO Netflix signed the Sandman to a four-movie, $275 million dollar deal. But instead of giving us more Uncut Gems, Sandler is using the dough to turn out goofy messes like Hubie Halloween. DuDE really loves working with Kevin James and Rob Schneider.

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