Tell Us Now: 19 Of The Greatest Action Sequences Ever

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook to name the greatest action sequences in the history of film, and, if you can believe it, they had some strong opinions!

Did they nail it or did they nail it?


TELL US NOW. Terminator 2: Judgement Day CRACKED William W. says the raid on Cyberdyne takes the cake: 'The minigun, kneecapping the SWAT officers, and to top it all off, a motorcycle jumping off a building onto a MF-ing helicopter, and all with 1991 effects. Amazing.



TELL US NOW. 1917 CRACKED Nikolas J. is technically correct (the best kind of correct!): Honestly? The whole movie 1917 could qualify, from when they leave the trenches to the end.



TELL US NOW. Predator 2 CRACKED Christopher M. says you can't beat a badass post-fight quip: The battle between Mike Harrigan and the Predator goes on forever, and at the end, when all the other Predators pop out, Glover's response is priceless: 'Ok, who's next?



TELL US NOW. Baby Driver 888 GRACKED Josh D. is holding his ground in the face of a sure dunking-upon Please don't roast me here but some of the driving scenes from Baby Driver are impressive. Specially knowing the stunt driver did all that on his own.



TELL US NOW. Aliens CRACKED Jesse R. says you can't go wrong with Ripley in the power loader verses the alien queen. It's not a very fast paced scene, but it's still very intense. Plus, 'Get away from her you b*tch!' is one of the greatest lines in cinema.



TELL US NOW. The One CRACKED Anthony L. says it don't get no better than when Jet Li fought his evil self at the end. The good Jet Li used the softer circular Baguazang style against the linear hard style Hsing I chuan.



TELL US NOW. Enter the Dragon CRACKED Phillip B. says the dungeon scene changed the way martial arts were filmed forever in action movies. The things Bruce did in that movie are referenced to this day in action movies.



TELL US NOW. They Live CRACKED David J. says you can't beat '2 guys beating the hell out of each other. Jeff R. admires the simple pleasures of Roddy Piper and Keith David kicking the sh*t out of each other in an alley.



TELL US NOW. The Phantom Menace CRACKED Adam M. knows he's wading into controversial territory: I am sure a lot of people will get mad at me. When Darth Maul turned on his double sided light saber, I got a chill down my spine. You knew this would be different



TELL US NOW. The Princess Bride CRACKED Nichole A. found this shining diamond of action in a classic comedy: When Inigo Montoya finally faces the six fingered man. It gives me chills every time he repeats himself and finds the strength to defeat his most hated enemy to avenge his



TELL US NOW. Requiem for a Tuesday CRACKED We DEFY you to find a better action sequence than Keven H's pick: Ben Wyatt's Requiem for a Tuesday without a doubt.



TELL US NOW. Billy Madison CRACKED Hard to argue with Kyle B's selection of Billy Madison pelting kindergarteners during dodgeball. Adam Sandler is really whippin' it at those kids! Their parents were very upset!



TELL US NOW. Raiders of the Lost Ark CRACKED Edward H. appreciates Indy's Buster Keaton-esque use of props: 'The horse/ truck chase is brilliant from start to finish. Out of respect, Indy uses every part of the truck.



TELL US NOW. Blade II CRACKED Michael F. says we need to get out of the way and just let Wesley act: A lot of Blade II's action scenes are marred by really bad CGI, but one of the last ones where they finally just let Wesley Snipes, the multi-martial



TELL US NOW. Kung Fu Hustle GRACKED Courtney S. favors the lost art of the flip-flop slap: Without question, the sequence from Kung Fu Hustle where she's chasing him with a flip-flop. I die laughing every time.



TELL US NOW. The Matrix Reloaded CRACKED Jason D. says The Twins don't get enough respect: I know everyone hates the Matrix sequels, but: the scene that involves the two ghost-looking guys and the Cadillacs.



TELL US NOW. Skyfall GRACKED Eric W. says The opening chase scene that introduces Daniel Craig showed that the new Bond is a physical force, and gets the adrenaline going right away.



TELL US NOW. Kingsman Lyurd CRAGKED eeebina Brian G. says the church scene is 'so good, can overlook 'Freebird' being chosen as the music.



TELL US NOW. John Wick CRACKED Dan K's take is sure to make one Sad Keanu: My favorite part of the John Wick movies was when they ended. Nothing but garbage.

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